Grandad Weasley will never forgive you if you marry a pureblood. ( Scorpius/ Rose story)

Grandad Weasley will never forgive you if you marry a pureblood. ( Scorpius/ Rose story)

Rose and Scorpius come from two formerly feuding families. Will they be friends? Best Friends? Something a little more? Or horrible enemies?

Chapter 1

The Scarlet Engine

Scorpius was getting another lecture from his father just before the Scarlet Engine gave its warning signal. Getting on the train, he thought about what his father was saying to him. Scorpius couldn't understand nor explain what had happened outside of the Malfoy Manor. One second, two muggle boys were calling him albino, the other, they were lying on the ground covered in purple boils. His father said that wizards his age often had some magic, but he never knew it could be so strong. Draco Malfoy had to go obliviate the parents and took a good hour taking the boils off.
Scorpius took great care to remember what his father said word by word. If he remembered correctly it was, " Scorpius, look at me. Never again curse anyone. With your wand you are even more trouble. If I get a letter home saying you jinxed or hexed a student, you will be cleaning the kitchen with the house elves."
Suddenly Scorpius bumped into someone. It was a girl. She had bushy auburn hair, big brown eyes, and a splash of freckles on her long nose. Being quite tall, Scorpius towered over her.
She said sorry and rushed frantically around Scorpius just as he was about to say sorry and introduce himself. Thinking it was odd, he went down the hallway trying to find an empty compartment. He passed a compartment were two older kids were snogging, one with wildly blue hair. Deciding not to interrupt, he went further down. Then he saw a half-full compartment. Inside was a girl with silvery blond hair and pale blue eyes, and a pudgy boy with light brown hair who was reading the Daily Prophet.
Opening the door to the compartment Scorpius said, " Do you mind if I sit here?"
Not putting down the Daily Prophet the pudgy boy answered, " Go ahead, take a seat."
Sitting down, Scorpius noticed that the girl sitting across from him had closed her eyes. On her lap a blue notebook was open and a quill was writing down some notes. Puzzled, Scorpius quietly said," Sorry, but how exactly does that work if you didn't cast a spell to control it."
Pursing her lips the girl remained silent. But after a moment she opened her eyes and turned the notebook towards him. There, in careful cursive was:
This is a telepathic pen. What I think it writes. Although it does need a spell to bind it to the owner it doesn't require casting one after you bidden it with its owner. Now please leave me alone. I have some writing to do. My name is Dominique Weasley if you do truly need something from me.
Scorpius turned away thinking that he should ask his father for one of those quills. He took out his father's alchemy book. He opened the small, tightly bound book expecting potions and ruins. Instead he found a book full of his fathers small printed words. Looking on to the top of the first page he saw it was a diary. The date was of the year 1991. 1991! That meant that this book was his father's school diary. Draco Malfoy had disguised his old diary as an alchemy book! Scorpius couldn't believe his luck. Thinking about whether he should send it back by owl or read it, Scorpius closed the diary.
Then the compartment door opened. The girl he bumped into earlier came in. Shyly she said, " Can I sit here? One of the boys in my compartment vomited after eating a bad Chocolate Frog."
Scorpius nodded, still focused on the diary. She sat down and took out a book. Hogwarts,A History. Scorpius mentally laughed, he had read that book at the age of seven. Scorpius frowned. This time externally. He shouldn't be thinking those types of things. Maybe she was a Muggleborn, which would mean this was her only chance to read it. And even if she wasn't, it was still mean.
Scorpius looked up. The girl was rapidly conversing with Dominique, in French no less. Scorpius listened in, although he knew it was rude. But his father had taught it to him, and frankly, he loved the language. He kept listening and it didn't amuse him.
Dominique: " Je sais qu'il est un Malfoy" ( I know he is a Malfoy)
The girlsaid, " Pere m'a dit de l'eviter a tout prix et le battre sur chaque test, je ne peux pas supporter que quelqu' un ignorant". ( Father told me to avoid him at all costs and beat him on every test, but I can't stand ignoring someone)
Scorpius was getting mad and decided to say something, " Je sais que vous parlez de moi, et je ne apprecie pas." ( I know you are talking about me, and I do not appreciate it.)
The girl widened her eyes and said, this time in English, " How do you know french?"
Before Scorpius could even say she ran out of the compartment, crying. Dominique again closed her eyes, and went back to writing in her journal.
" What happened?" said a sleepy voice next to Scorpius.
Scorpius had forgot about the pudgy boy sitting to the right of him. Now that the boy had put down the Daily Prophet, it was seen that he had a pair of thick rectangular glasses pushed up to the bridge of his nose.
" Has the trolley come by yet?" he said, pushing up his glasses, although truthfully there was no need, they were pushed up as far as they could go.
Scorpius hastily said, " No. What's your name?"
The boy said, " Blair Longbottom. And yours is?"
" Scorpius Malfoy. Do you want a Chocolate Cauldron?
" Do I?" Blair said," Those are my favorite."
" Personally, I like Peppermint Toads better." Scorpius was liking Blair more and more. So maybe the start of the trip to Hogwarts sucked, but at least he was making friends now.
" So what house do you want to be in?" said Blair through a stuffed full of Chocolate Cauldron mouth.
" Ravenclaw," answered Scorpius," My whole family's been in Slytherin though."
"Oh. Well I'll probably be in Hufflepuff, although I want to be in Griffindor."
Suddenly the compartment door opened, and the girl who had run off came back in. Scorpius didn't realize that she had been in the restroom all this time.
She calmly sat down, looked Scorpius straight in the eye and said, " I am sorry that I said all those things."
" What does it matter to you from which family I come from?" Scorpius said, trying to keep calm.
" Well. Your father isn't a great man, you know."
Scorpius couldn't stand someone insulting his father. He hated how everyone had done that over the years. Every time they went out, there started to be whispers and weird glances. Scorpius truly couldn't understand. His father was the greatest man he had ever known. He had treated Scorpius as an adult. He had taught him all he had known to this day. He had shown Scorpius how to behave around muggles. But the most important thing Draco Malfoy had ever taught him, was that NEVER, EVER mistreat someone because of their bloodline.
Angrily bursting out, " I don't care what you think of my father, all I know is that he is better than yours will ever be." Scorpius ran.
Scorpius was devastated. All people ever did was insult his father. And now he was going to suffer the wrath for seven years. No he thought, I'll run away from Hogwarts. I'll send a letter to Father so he can take me away. Scorpius would do anything to go back home. Scorpius only realized he was crying. His robes had blotches to show where his tears had dropped. Sitting in the middle of the hallway, he was a miserable mess. All the things his father said to never do, he was experiencing on himself. Drying his drenched face, he stood up. By this time, some people already stepped out of their compartments.


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