The Assassins episode 1 (script book anime)

There are 25 groups of assassins spred across 25 different countries on a small planet called Olima. Olima is a planent located in side the biggest planet in our soler system,Jupiter! Every one is always asking questions about is there life on mars, can we ever move are people to mares if earth is under attack, But no one has ever thought about jupiter being a place where people live or could live. This the story of boy named kujo who was raised on earth but was sent to the planet Olima.

Chapter 1

The beginning

by: aandk
Narrator-Its dark out, flames are everywhere,and there is a news lady in the middle of the seen behind her buildings are on fire,there are people running and screaming for their lives.

News lady-I cant believe whats going on behind me there are buildings on fire and people panicking. The cops are no match for the person or should i say baby that is behind this. this baby must be at least 1 years old but has the power of a monster. What could this mean for civilization if guns cant take this baby out and yes i said baby.

Narrator- A cop in all blue appeared in front of the news women.

police man- you guys have to move away from this area we are bringing the army in to stop this problem.

News lady- You hear that people, the earth might be safe after...uh..uh.uh.ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Narrator-the news lady was brutally attacked by the baby,the police officer was also killed in a second after the news lady died. The camera man was then taken out milla-seconds after the cop was killed.

Narrator- Mean while back at the main news channel station head anchor bob Dillon and co-anchor Mrs.Watson witnessed the whole thing, every last bit of it,from the part the baby arrived to the part the camera fell and blood splatted on the camera's glass.

Bob-can you believe what just happened

Mrs.Watson- this is why I'm glad I didn't become a field reporter.

Bob- No the only reason you didn't become a field reporter is because your to ugly

Mrs.Watson- shut up Bob your nothing but a good for nothing perv yeah that's right I said it .

Bob- shut up we promised not to talk about that day we came to an agreement you tell nobody about our little encounter I will tell no one that you steal sugar from the coffee bowl in the employee lounge.

Anonymous voice 1- what that's all ,that's not a crime

Anonymous voice 2- yeah everyone does that dude.

Bob- o wow really I didn't no that.

Mrs.Watson- wow me neither. You mean the whole time I could have sent him to jail then took his job as head anchor plus the money I would have got off the charges. Damn it all.

Narrator- mean while in the city there's tanks jets and a lot of heavy artillery being used on the city streets. Tanks surround the baby and just flew above them all. The tanks all point their guns down toward the baby and let guns fire. The jets then dropped bombs and shot missiles down at the baby. BAM! A direct hit.

One of the soldiers- Hey did we get him.

Narrator - as the smoke around the baby clear up you start to see a huge pot hole and a small baby like body standing beyond the rubble.

One of the soldiers- What the duck he.he.he.he's alive.

The captain- OK men retreattttttt! And hurry

Narrator - and in a blink of an eye all of the army's men,tanks,and even planes where turned into rubble.

Narrator - Mean while in side of a NASA base station there are two men working on a spaceship. This spaceship will be used to send the baby to another planet.

Scientist 1- Do you really think that we can get the baby in to this thing.

Scientist 2- Yeah I know we can. The army is launching one of their giant sleep bombs.

Scientist 1- I sure do hope your right sir.

Narrator- back on the scene where baby is, the army is finally going to attack baby with their sleep bomb.

Narrator- above the baby's head a giant plan blocked the sun causing nothing but darkness under it.

random solider- OK man drop the bomb

Narrator- The bottom of the plan had opened up and a giant circle like ball fell from the plan. It was the bomb

Narrator- The bomb had fell on the confused baby's head,and then a large amount of green colored gas filled the area.

Narrator- Find out if the baby is still awake on the next episode of Assassins.

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