Dancers (Official Group Story)

Hey guys! I am actually looking for characters, my character's name is Mackenzie, Mack for short... she is a jazz dancer. They are in a competitive dance group. If you would like to create your characters (I need seven more characters) who would like to be in the story as dancers please comment. You must be a girl ages 13-16 because they have to fit in age groups since the girls are all on the same team. Your character must be that age and you must be that age.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Mackenzie Flyer, the Jazz Dancer

Mack hurried down the red-and-black halls, hurrying to dance class. If she missed today, someone would kill her- it'd be her teacher, or the teacher assistant, or even the stage manager who was here today, and Mack knew.

"Hi, Mack," greeted the acro dancer on her team, ??? (This person will be the character of the acro person who will join. I will give permissions to them for us to co-write the story. I need seven dancers. Not to dwell on it and bring it up all the time but it's important.)
"Hi, ???" Mack said, gasping. "I'm gonna be late for our dance class!"
"Didn't you hear? We're getting new practice uniforms. Miss Georgia didn't tell you?"
"We get PRACTICE UNIFORMS?" asked Mack in disbelief, disregarding ???'s other question(s).
"Yeah, I know we usually don't, most people buy their practice clothes themselves. But I guess Miss Georgia just really wants everyone to know we're part of a team," answered ???.
"I heard they're nothing, anyway," continued ???. "I mean, it's not like they're gonna be some fancy costumes or something. I think they're leotards that say Firework Dance Center on them or something."
"And she knows our size HOW?" asked Mack.
"Um, I think from when she bought the shirts."
"Oh, right." Duh.

Mack sat on the bench, cooling off. She set her red-and-black Firework Dance Center duffel bag on the bench that she was sitting on next to her.

"OK, everyone," said Miss Georgia. "We have red-and-grey leotards..." She handed everyone their new shiny leotards. All of the girls gasped.

"Alright," she said. "Dance time."

I know that was a short chapter, but it was just to introduce Mack... all of the introduction chapters will be short...
Thanks for reading!

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