I have a game, are you brave enough to play? Candy's challenge!!

How brave are you?

Chapter 1


Rules to the game. If you play and lose you must do whatever I say. Butt there are limits. It will have to be something age appropriate and I won't force you to do anything your uncomfortable with. I of course follows these a
Exact rules as well I so if I "happen" to lose Smirks and whispers Like that's possible! I'll have to do something as well if it's age appropriate. (Keeping it PG-15 people!) Here's the first game, "Guess This Song!" But if you participate you MUST follow the rules and if you lose you MUST take responsibility, and take your loss with honour.


1.) You can look on the internet

2.)You can't ask other quibblians for help.

3.)You have 4 days to answer before the next game.

4.) Absolutely no backing out. This is the most important one. Don't play if you're not going to follow through, it both unfair and less fun if you do.

5.) Be brave! XD This is a GAME! So have fun and ENJOY yourself!!

Okay now for the game!! GUESS THAT SONG!!

"I don't have flaws, just adorable mistakes."

Hint:Don't limit yourself....

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