The Halls Of Awaiting

This fan-fic takes place after the battle of five armies, movie version. It's also posted on Quotev under my other account.

Chapter 1


Kili slowly opened his eyes, and found himself looking at a wall of stone. His vision was blurry and his head hurt like nothing he'd ever felt before. Slowly his eyesight straightened out, and he realized it was a tall, arched ceiling. He couldn't remember anything, in fact it took him a moment to realize he'd regained movement in his limbs. Slowly he pushed himself up into a sitting position. He was in a bed with fine linens on it, and his armor and items lay on a small table and chair beside the bed.

That's when he realized it. He had just been in a battle.

He began to look around uneasily, where was Tauriel? He sat up all the way and began to toss away the warm blankets over himself and onto the floor as he struggled to get up. He rushed to his gear nearly falling over, and hastily began to dress himself. What had happened? Where was she? Where was his love? His blood boiled with hatred for the Orc he'd been fighting; how dare he lay a hand on her, he thought. He finally got his trousers on and his belt, but had to stop for a breath. He was still quite weak. He put both his hands on his head and pushed his dense hair out of his eyes and let out a long and weary sigh, and for a moment, instead of fighting the confusion, he let it sink in and muddle his brain.

He looked across the room to the arched doorway where his brother, Fili, stood with his arms crossed and an eyebrow raised. "It gets easier." He said to Fili, walking over and putting a hand on his bare shoulder.

"What does?" Fili croaked,

Kili's eyes dropped for a moment, then he cleared his throat nervously; he thought his brother knew. "Functioning again. It just takes a little while."

"Kili, what do you mean?" Fili asked with an expression of stone,

A dark, husky voice came from the doorway, "Fili, my boy, we're dead."

He looked up to see the stern expression of Thorin, and tears welled up in his eyes. This isn't true, he thought to himself. It's impossible. He went to Thorin who put both hands on his nephew's shoulders, and standing there he knew, though it didn't seem or feel right, that it simply must be true. He took a ragged breath and looked at the floor, "Where is she?" he asked,

"She's not here." Thorin said, "And though it means you cannot be together, it does mean she made it."

Kili walked over and put his head on his brothers. "You saved her."

Fili looked up at both of them and offered a pathetic looking smile. He was supposed to be strong, he was a warrior. But he felt as though his insides were crumbling into nothing but dust. He knew this meant he was in the Halls of Mandos, where everyone went when they died. Admittedly, he wasn't sure dwarfs were allowed in or not, as in his travels he heard many things that contradicted what he was taught as a boy. He looked around the room again, and noticed all the intricate details in the stonework; yes, this certainly was a room made for a Dwarf. He let out a sigh, "I think I need some time."

Thorin nodded, and he and Fili left silently. Kili sat on the bed and let out a sob in despair, hoping they were far enough away that they couldn't hear him cry. His world was crashing down around him, and there was no way out. He cradled his head in his hands and continued to cry, longing for his one and only love, Tauriel. What would he do without her? "You were stupid." he said aloud, "She's a beautiful elf. She's immortal. Even if she dies she's still immortal."

He stood up, trying to loosen his stiff joints. He looked around the room, hating it. Hating the entire place. Hating himself. He walked over to the mirror and stared at himself. A shirtless, ragged, crying mess of a Dwarf, he thought to himself. He sniffled and tried to compose himself a bit, but to no avail. It made him feel worse when he suppressed his tears. "There's nothing that can fix this... Nothing I can do."



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