These are some really weird dreams I've had in the past few years.
Does anyone know how to read dreams? I'd like to know what they mean! :3

Enjoy the reading!
And give it a crack to tell me what you think!

Chapter 1

The Black Wolf (Scary)

by: Cozy_Glow
Everyone in my town (I think) are trapped with me & my friends in the old building that looks like our local hospital, chattering like it's normal. Outside is a dangerous creature ready to murder us all. We're in a large, long hallway.
I want to help these people, so I set up a clinic & rest area in a room off the hallway. The wounded & sick go in there so I can fix them up as best able. When I had finished & everyone was better, my friends & I sat down in the hallway & talked as a count down began.
My friend, Dan, decided to go outside/inside & nearly forgot her bag, but another friend of mine had it to her.
As the count got closer to 1, everyone crowded into the hallway, cowering in fear & murmuring quietly. Then, on 0, they all screamed & began a panicky run down the hallway towards the small room that was the clinic. They were running from the biggest dog-wolf-creature I'd ever seen (looks like the dog from the Never Ending story) as it came growling down the hallway.
My friend, Athol & I dived into a tiny room to hide as it passed, but the door seemed to not want to shut & Athol kept saying fairly loudly:
"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!"
The Wolf creature walked into the room & stared him down as he whimpered & I escaped the room. I shut the door, leaving a crack for Athol, but he was eaten/ripped apart by the creature with a scream, so I shut the door & ran for the clinic.
Everyone was inside & I couldn't get in, the creature getting closer. I began to despair at the fact I would die, when I noticed a window. I peered out, then began reaching for a chair...


What are your thoughts on this dream? Does it mean anything?
If it means anything, this wolf (I believe) appeared twice in different dreams with a different attitude.

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