These are some really weird dreams I've had in the past few years.
Does anyone know how to read dreams? I'd like to know what they mean! :3

Enjoy the reading!
And give it a crack to tell me what you think!

Chapter 2

Theatre Wolf, Heroes & My Friends

by: Cozy_Glow
A massive wolf is terrifying people inside a theatre. I wander through the streets to the theatre to look after him. I suggest to make a blanket & cloak for him so he can be warm & safe & hidden. I drape the cloak-blanker over him & smile...


Then, I'm riding on my bike with mum & we ride past Aleks (a boy at my High school) and his 3 friends who look different (I can't clearly see their faces). They squirt people with water guns. We ride past my friend, Vove,who is dressed like a pirate. We take her to school, were she changes in my other friend, Dani!


Finally, I'm a (male?) superhero, searching (I think) for something of my past. I'm being followed by 4-5 bad guys who try to capture me. I'm saved, after getting zapped, by a little Pug dog that is like my twin. We were born together (sort of) and I named him Pugsley upon his birth.
We decide to stay in a little house (like my real one) & I collect bugs & birds from small trees inside/outside. It's night. The bad guys arrive & capture Pugsley. I try to save him, but I'm blasted out of the front door & forced to get help. As I begin to fly up & away, a wind-powered bad guy whirlwind attacks me, causing me to fall to the ground. Bruised, injured & winded, I turn to see him fly through the air, thanks to a Golden Rooster. The Rooster is a forgotten friend of mine who has come to my rescue.
Everything goes black.
When I wake, I'm sitting on the front lawn with my 3 children (& husband or wife?) at night. We're playing with bubbles. I absorb all the bubbles into my hand, so I hold my other hand palm up so bubbles can come out from me. I begin to run around so the bubbles can come out of my hand for my children..


The last part really hurt when I was thrown to the ground. What does it mean?

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