These are some really weird dreams I've had in the past few years.
Does anyone know how to read dreams? I'd like to know what they mean! :3

Enjoy the reading!
And give it a crack to tell me what you think!

Chapter 3

Train Driver

by: Cozy_Glow
Percy (I'm either this guy or seeing this guy, it changes) is a train engine driver. His train is canary yellow.
Driving the train, Percy accidently puts holes in a machine. He dives to safety from the train as it falls off the tracks into deep water. It sinks, taking a bunch of kids with it. All the children are safely inside with lots of air, but no one can figure out how to un-sink the train.
Percy later returns and dives in, saving all the children, but he nearly drowns. A friend of his, James, and the daughter of Thomas come to his rescue.
At the end of the dream, Percy wakes from his coma.


This is short and (I believe) symbolic for something, but what?

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