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Chapter 1

There Is No Chapter Title...The Story Title Is Good Enough

by: liberosis

The girl wandered around aimlessly in the snow. Her tears had long stopped and had left behind trails on her cheeks. She kept her gray-blue eyes trained on the ground as she stumbled her way through the snow. After hours of walking in the dark, she lay down in the snow. She sank deep and flinched as the snow bit into her skin. Slowly, she relaxed and stared up at the dark sky, void of any feeling. She was empty. The snow was so cold it stung but she refused to get up and go back to someplace warm. If she was to die, she'd die there in the snow. Her eyes stared up without really seeing. On some subconscious level, she saw the sun rise, painting the sky with a soft pink-orange glow, and faintly heard the birds singing. The sun rose, the bare trees swayed in the cold winter wind, the color of the sky changed to a brighter blue, the birds flew above, time went on, but she and the snow remained the same. Cold. She was still cold even as the sun rose and positioned itself in the sky right above her. Its rays reached out to help her, to warm her, but she didn't feel it. It was as if she was bottled in a glass jar where she could only watch but was otherwise detached from the world around her. It slowly dawned on her that no one would miss her. Or maybe they would at first. They'd realize that she is no longer there with them, that she'd no longer be there to reassure them, to be there for them, or to share a joke with and laugh for a long time even if the joke wasn't that funny... but they'd eventually move on. The world that surrounds her would continue and people would forget that she even existed at all. She and the snow would disappear into nothing, and people would forget. They always did. Maybe, if she was lucky, they'd never realize she was gone...


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