Harry Potter group story idea

Hello sweetie! Thought you saw the last of me huh?

Chapter 1

Group story idea made by A_Small_Drop

Hello! Now I know most of you already follow A_Small_Drop (if you don't, you should after this!) but I decided for some who don't, Emily has come up with this wonderful group story idea that require writers (you) to write about someone else, it's kind of hard to explain but a really interesting idea! The issue is that we don't have anyone really signed up.

For example, Emily and I are writing each other's character so we created ourselves (Our looks, age, personality, etc.) and so that Emily will write me and I will write Emily. It's like a self insert except it's someone else writing you as an OC for a HP fanfiction (if that makes any sense at all).

If you feel like no on really knows you and would do awful writing as you or you feel like you'll do an awful job a, then get to know your partner and become friends with them! I really hope you sign up even with my horrible description and hopefully you'll make some fabulous friends in the process! :)

Link is here!: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/j-xtpPP/Harry-Potter-Group-Story-Sign-Ups

Please please sign up!



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