My Modern Disney Collection

I'm just about to finish up 'Off to Neverland: A Modern Peter Pan Story' and I've got Disney on the brain. The idea to put a modern spin on a few Disney classics is really exciting to me so I've decided to do a collection of Modern Disney One-Shots. I hope you enjoy! And feel free to leave suggestions for future chapters

Chapter 1

The Magic of Peer Pressure : Alice in Wonderland

by: rjburger
I could feel the bass pulsing up my spine already, and the stench of alcohol was making my head swim. Beside me Markus looked about as uneasy as I felt, and I couldn't help but wonder how he'd convinced me to show up to this Hollywood rendition of a house party. Red solo cups are being gripped by the majority of the crowd, and the grinding is pretty graphic in a few places. I turn to Markus and hiss out the shared sentiment.

"We don't belong here." I say to him and he gulps.

"Well lets pretend that we do, Ellie.It's the party of the century, and I'll be damned if I don't graduate with at least one of these things under my belt." He says with a timidly fierce look in his eye. I roll my eyes at his cliched response before turning back to the sight before me.

Before I have another chance to protest to our attendence at plastic cup is being shoved into my hand and the crowd has swallowed me up.

My heartbeat is racing and I know that a minor, or not so minor, freak out is on its way so I close my eyes and gulp down the liquid in my cup. The burn of alcohol causes a shiver to run through me and beside me someone cheers, before handing me another cup. Hoping the nickname 'Liquid Courage' is accurate I chase down that cup full with another, and another until the room around me is spinning, and my head is pounding.

Soon my laughter is just as loud as everyone elses, and my jokes are just as funny.

After what feels like minutes of shameless partying, I make my way for the back door, to get some fresh air. The stench of sweaty bodies has finally become too much.

I slide open the screen door and step onto the patio. The cool, March air does loads in sobering me up, and soon I plop down onto the bottom step of the porch. I pull my thick brown hair up, and out of my face into a high ponytale, and take in my surroundings.

The yard, who I vaguely remember belonging to one of my classmates by the name of Audrey, was pretty average. There's a wooden fence, an in-ground pool (covered with a tarp), a few lawn chairs, and a sand box. Which when you think about it, isn't very average at all, and is much to cookie-cutter to be normal.

The crowning glory however of the lawn is a hedge. But its not just any hedge. Its a fancy hedge. One of those fancy ones thats been cut to look like a certain shape or creature. This one is shaped like a bunny. Complete with floppy ears and buck-teeth.

I snort and turn to take in the rest of the lawn, but my eyes are caught by a flash of movement, and drawn back to the bunny shaped hedge. I squint and lean in a bit as if the movement will suddlenly become more defined or repeat itself but all is still once again. I blink and turn to go back inside but not before I hear a very sharp and distinct noise, once again eminating from behind the bunny hedge, which I've taken to calling Rupert in my short time of knowing it.

I turn, once more towards the hedge, expecting to find an innanimate piece of shrubbery, but am instead met with a small rabbit, perched on it's hind legs, sitting, quite comfortable infront of it.

In most cases I'd do nothing more than shoo it away, fearful of my extensive allergies, but this is no ordinary rabbit. This rabbit was wearing a waist-coat.

I blinked. Once, twice, then two more times, but still the rabbit remained.

"Hello?" I question, before realizing just how stupid I'm being. Here I am sitting out in the cold, talking to a rabbit, who must have just escaped from an abusive home where they force their pets into clothing. Like those poor dogs owned by Paris Hilton. I shake my head at myself before pushing myself into a standing position and moving towards the door.

"Where, exactly, do you think you're going?" hisses someone behind me, and I whirl around to find the yard empty of any presence but the rabbit.

"Hello?" I call out again, and wait for a response.

"Are you blind, dear girl? I don't have time for your dilly-dallying. We're late you know." and I know you have no reason to believe me, but in that moment I could have sworn all those words came from the rabbit.

"E-excuse me?" I stutter out, eyes strained on the rabbits mouth, which, if I wasn't a sane individual I would have sworn was twisted into a scowl.

"I don't have time for this, girl. Are you coming or not, and the answer better not be not." says the rabbit. I can feel my mouth flopping around like a fish but I can't seem to do anything to stop it. "Thats it, I'm leaving. You're going to wish you'd have followed me." the last part is mumbled and then the little rabbit spins around and hops through a small hole in the fence.

I spen exactly four seconds staring at where he had been stood, not moments ago, and contemplaiting what exactly I'd seen before stumbling off the patio, sprinting towards the hedge, and using one of the stray lawn chairs to aid me in hurdleing the fence it had dissapeared under. But instead of hurdling I did something much more akin to flopping. It was in fact the sort of flop that knocks one straight into unconsciousness.

Who knows what might of happened had I successfully jumped that fence. Most of my friends say I would have been arrested because clearly I was tripping on something stronger than alcohol, but if you ask me I think that rabbit would have changed my life. If I'd given it the chance too.


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