I'm sorry. I loved you all.

Might be a poem.
Might not be.

Chapter 1

One more step.

by: Nikolia
i cant write
i catn think
i try to write but all i do is think
i try to think but all i do is write
i think of you
and i loose myself
in painfull deleight
getting addicted to the pain
my love will never be the same
who are you now
why did you have to change why cant it be the way it was
i gave you a key
a key to my heart
untouched by no one
but covered in the blood of mine

you left

i guess i cant blame you
looking in the mirror
inside of me
my guts twist, so hideous
dont see why
dont see how
i can even exist
the words i just want to say..

''i love you all and i always will, i cant handle this no more, one more pill and im gone, i loved you all, my spirit will always be by your side, whats the difference.. one more pill, on more metre, on more bullet, one more knot, one less person on this earth, why do i bother, staying here for nothing, loosing my grip, on life itself, i write this now, as poem of myself, i hope when you read it, you will see me, not a suicidal teenager, but me, ME, im falling, im falling''

One more chance
one last hope
ill scream for you
as i fall
hurry, im falling

one last yelp
cutting the last
of the last

one last bottle of pills
to meet my alice
in our wonderland

one more step
of this chair
holding me high
whispering one last goodbye


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