Nightmares (Please Join)

Hey guys. Comment below if you want to write one of the chapters ;)

Chapter 1


Hey guys.
So the other day, I was doing some thinking.
Well congrats, that doesn't happen very often.
Shut up other self, no one asked you to speak.
Anyway, I was exploring the concept of nightmares in my mind.
I remember, as a kid of about five or six, I used to have nightmares almost every night.
This upset me, because I had a dream catcher, and this basically gave me the impression that either my dream catcher was a pile of sh_t, or dream catchers just didn't work.
Maybe a year or so later, my friend bought me a new dream catcher...and it worked.
I stopped having as many nightmares. Say what you will.
And when I was doing this thinking, I thought that I really don't have nightmares anymore, except for the rare couple.
Only weird dreams or good dreams.
But then I realised, that the good dreams are nightmares.
Cause they're perfect, and they fill my heart with happiness but when I wake up and realise they're not true, I feel a massive wave of anger and disappointment.
That's what's scary.
That I can be easily fooled by perfection and happiness that isn't real or possible.
I also realised, that my mind has stored a lot of the nightmares that I had as a kid, aged five to eight, possibly.
That inspired me to make this whole group story thing.
Basically, I'll write and describe a nightmare I've had as a kid, and other people will write chapters describing their nightmares and trying to make sense of them.
I hope that people want to join this little project with me, so comment down below if you want to write a chapter and it will definitely happen :)

Later loves :*
~Romeo xxx

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