I'll Be There... I Promise     (A One Direction story)

I'll Be There... I Promise (A One Direction story)

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" the machine then beeped "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up

Chapter 1

Chapter one

“We’re moving to London! We’re moving to London!” I chant happily around Cori my three year old daughter. “Yay!” She says happily. Cori and I dance around until I stop, “We must finish packing!” I say dramatically while putting my arm in the air pointing to the roof. Cori giggles and runs to her room to put her stuff in boxes.
I love Cori’s laugh so much, it reminds me of her dad’s.
Which reminds me, I should tell you the short version of my life before Cori. Well.
From grade 1 to 7 I was being home schooled by my adoptive mother (whose name is Karen), until I got bored of it and decided I wanted to go to an actual school, but I soon didn’t like that so for the rest of grade eight and so on I went back to being home schooled. I lived next to this boy called Niall, he was funny and he loved his food and football and music. Niall and I hung out a lot because we both had a love for music and well I like funny people, and we eventually became basically best friends, until he started to date holly. Holly didn’t like me that much, so I thought I’d stay away while she was around just to keep the peace, I didn’t want Niall to be unhappy, since he looked really happy with her. When we were sixteen Niall signed up for the X-Factor and I was glad since he’s such a good singer. I later found out that Niall wanting to be a singer so much, decided to break it off with Holly. As he had failed bootcamp I was upset, but then they put him in a group, and I’ll admit they were all cute. They came third and not long after that they got a call from Simon asking if they wanted to sign a record deal, obviously they agreed. When Niall called with that news, what better way to celebrate then with a party… That has alcohol. Niall came through the door and we all cheered. We all drank, danced and sung. I remember bits and pieces after that but that’s about it.
The next morning I woke up with a major headache “Ow” I mumble standing, I look around “this is not my room” I mumble looking at a room with a guitar and a football and pictures of Niall and his family, I look down “and I have no clothes on”. I walk over to the end of the bed and find my clothes, but not my shirt. I realised someone else in the bed, I slowly turned my head and saw it was a sleeping Niall… Who was naked, my eyes widened and I walk quickly over to my shirt which was over at the door, I put it on and Niall wakes up. I freeze, not knowing what to do, “huh? Ow, Peyton?” Niall asks looking at me, “Uh Niall do you remember what happened last night?” I ask already knowing what we did, he shakes his head “ha, me neither” I lie, “well bye” I say before walking out. I didn’t want to tell Niall because he believes in the ‘no s
ex till marriage’ thing. The next few days Niall packed for London. On his last few hours in Mullingar we said bye and I left so he could have time with his family. A week after he had left I dropped my phone in the kitchen sink, so that stopped working and I had found out that I was moving. My adoptive mother and I moved to Letterkenny, Ireland and I had lost all contact with Niall and his family. I then started to study music so I could do sound checks for concerts. A few weeks later I found out that I was pregnant, with Niall’s kid. That slowed down my studying, but that wasn’t my main concern. My main concern was the fact that I’m pregnant with Niall’s kid and he doesn’t know about it. The nine months went quickly and Cori was born on the 30th of August 2011. I had finished my studies and I became a part of the sound check crew. When Cori was one and at a day-care, I was at work when I got a call saying that my adoptive mother had been hit by a car and had died. I took Cori to the hospital to say good bye and two days later we buried her. I continued with my everyday life and when Cori was three my boss said he was giving me a promotion, “this promotion is in London” he says to me, I agree straight away. I get home with Cori and I look online for places we could stay in London, once I found an apartment Cori and I start to pack, which is why we were cheering…

After packing we put our boxes in trucks that were going to take them to the airport to put on the plane. Cori and I got in a taxi with our little bags “are you ready Cori?” I ask her, she nods smiling “you have your dads smile” I say to her, she smiles again and the taxi driver drives us to the airport. We get to the airport and board our plane.

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