Scattered Shards (Original Story

OMFG I'm Back! Wooo! This Story Is About Candy, A Girl With, Quite Literally, No Heart. After Being Created In The lab Of An Evil And Powerful Sorcerer, She Is Given Tasks To Do In Order To Keep Her Power. But What Will She Do When She Is Given A Mission What May End Her Short Life?

Chapter 1

Intro To Characters.


Age: 0, Mind Of A 16 Year Old And Looks 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Robotic, Confused, Strong-headed, Always Sure, Sweet, Kind Hearted.
Appearance: Long Brown Hair That Falls In Waves To her Waist. Big Eyes- One Green, One Blue. Pale And Perfect.
Other: Made In A Lab

Name: Mark
Age: 3042, Looks 19.
Appearance: Pale Skin, Black Hair, Six Pack, Red Eyes.
Personality: Powermad, Unfeeling, Hateful, Cruel, But Will He Learn To Love Candy?
Other: Created Candy.


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