None Of This Was Supposed To Happen...Or Was It?

This is for Quibblo contest...I know I'm entering like last minute, but I've been caught up in other stuff.

Chapter 1

Can I Just Show You

“It all started as just a harmless Halloween prank. They were trying to scare me. None of this was supposed to happen sir. I don't usually even do stuff like this” I cry to the officer with tears in my eyes.

“Okay, calm down Mrs...” The officer replies, concerned.

I look at his name tag. Jefferson.

“Janet My name is Janet Clark.” I say between sobs.

“Okay. Now, I know this might up set you, but I need you to tell me what happened.” he says.

I look up at him with tearful eyes, “C-can I just show you what happened?”

“If that would be easier.” He says.

I walk in front of him, a smile appearing on my face.

We walk into the front dusty room of the old “haunted” mansion.

“What happened here?” The officer asks.

“The 5 of us walked in here.” I say, sniffling.

“Who?” He asks.

“My friends, my sister, and I. There was John, Mary, Victor, Thomas, Patricia, and me.” I say.

“I need last names too.” He says.

“John Anderson, Mary Shifflett, Victor Jones, Thomas Stark, and Patricia Clark.” I reply

“Thank you. Continue please.” He says, writing down everything I say.

“Then we walked up the stairs.” I state, hoping there was fear showing in my voice.

He nods his head for me to lead the way. I walk up the stairs, careful not to touch anything.

“We went into this room. That's when the thing stroke first.” I say fearfully.

“Who do it kill first?” The officer asks.

“John. We left his body there.” I say.

I point to the chair that John was sitting in. His throat was gashed open and all over his navy blue t-shirt. His shaggy brown hair hung over his eyes. Hiding his green eyes. Blood was spattered across the oak wood room. You could tell the officer was disgusted.

“We then ran into this nursery.” I say running to the blue nursery room.

There was an old rocking crib with a blue covering. The dust had been replaced by splatters of blood.

“Who died here?” The officer asks.

“Victor died next.” I say.

“Where's his body?” The officer asks.

“It should be right there.” I point to the middle of the room where most of the blood is.

He looks around and finds Victor in the closet hanging by his neck on a brown rope holding a sign saying “/Go no further/”

This time instead of his throat being gashed he had a knife through his heart. His skin was paler than normal. His short spiky black hair looking unusually frizzy. His normally bright baby blue eyes have a dullness to them. I guess that's what happens when you die. I cough a bit, the dust starting to get in my throat and nose.

I start to shake my body as I notice his blood dripping into a small glass vile that's already half full of blood.

“What happened next?” The officer asks.

“We ran into this room!” I yell, dragging him into a pink room and a queen size bed that has a pink canopy. All over the walls is a mixture of blood and purple flowers.

“Who?” He asks.

“Mary. She's on the bed.” I whisper.

He look on the bed and sees the bloody, cut up Mary laying on the bed. Her arms are on the floor. Her legs are in front of the bed. Her head is still attached to her body though. You can still see the fear in her chocolate brown eyes. She used to have light brown hair, but she dyed it bright pink.

“...then?” He asks, with a quivering voice.

“Thomas said we needed to get out of here right now. So we were about to run down the stairs, but then that thing was there so we ran down the hall. When we got here Victor had said this wasn't his idea of a good time. I agreed.” I say.

I run to a library where blood is on most of the books around there and right in the middle in a giant armrest chair sits Thomas with his throat slit open and eyes cut out. He has shoulder length sandy blonde hair. You can see the pain in his loving grey-blue eyes.

“That's not where he originally died is it?” The officer asks.

“How could you tell?” I say, frozen.

“He looks staged.” He responds.

I nod my head. Then the officer shakes his head and says, “Okay, so now only you and Patricia are left.”

“No.” I say.

“What?” He asks.

“We didn't notice until we were already in the library. Patricia had been attracted to the thing for some reason and was killed.” I say, crying.

“I didn't see her body.” He says.

“I'll show you, it's on the way to our next stop.” I say.

I walk past the officer and down the stairs.

“After Thomas was killed I ran down here. There is Patricia's body,” I say, pointing to Patricia's bloody body which is on the ground beside the stairs her black hair that matches mine. She got jade green eyes though while I got more of a moonlight blue color eyes, “I ran into the dining room. This is where the thing made it's final strike. And it never misses it's target.”

“Well, it missed you.” He says.

“It wasn't after me.” I say, smiling.

“Who was it after?” The officer asks, confused.

“The last person.” I state.

“You were the only one left.” The officer asks, you can hear the worry in his voice.

“No, this room is where the officer died.” I say, my smile growing.

I grab the butcher knife from the table that the officer quite dumbly missed and run to him. I gash open his neck and then, as though I were cutting carrots, I chop off his hands. I smile down on the officer and walk back up the stairs. I grab the blood vile from underneath Victor. Then slowly walking downstairs I grab a glove off of the officer's hand. I put the glove on and dip my finger in the vile.

On the wall I spell Death to any who enter. This is your only warning.

I walk out of the mansion. I smile darkly. I killed all of them. Everything I told the officer was true. Except for the fact that I wasn't with anyone. I wasn't running with everyone else. I had been killing them.


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