My Top 10 Favorite Characters in Naruto!

My Top 10 Favorite Characters in Naruto!

This is a countdown of my top 10 favorite Naruto characters (says the title), with 10 being the least out of these and 1 being my favorite hands down. Enjoy! (If I share this again, it means I've made updates to this.)

Chapter 1

My Top 10 Favorite Characters in Naruto!

10) Haku
While it annoys me that he's a dude who looks and sounds like a girl, here's what I like about him. He controls ice in a pretty unique way (not to mention he's the only canon character who can even use Ice Release), he shares my birthday (January 9th), and has defeated Sasuke, a character whom I think deserves to be humbled. He may have appeared in only the first saga and a small portion of the 4th Shinobi War, but I still find him memorable.

9) Hinata Hyuga
Girl's my type. Hinata is beautiful, pure hearted, innocent, and really doesn't have too many flaws. However, lately, most fans only think of her for NaruHina purposes which I can never comprehend as it concerns more about her relationship with another character more so than Hinata Hyuga herself. Also, more than anything, I want to see Hinata demonstrate more unique abilities in more epic fights. She can use that lion palm attack--mix that up with the 8 Trigrams 64 Palms and I think that would be pretty damn awesome! (I forget, has she ever done that?)

8) Kakashi Hatake
Now this guy never ceases to fall behind in the character popularity polls and it’s not hard to understand why. Kakashi can be serious and comical at the right times, he is highly proficient in a wide variety of jutsu, he’s calm and rational, his intelligence rivals Shikamaru’s, and nothing seems to surprise him. In a way, he’s like a glorified Shikamaru. Let me just ask this: who watches Naruto and wouldn’t like Kakashi?

7) Itachi Uchiha
One of the greatest characters that ever existed in the series, he’s one of the few characters whom I believe to be an ideal shinobi, who can endure a whole load of sht and still keep his mind straight all the way to the end. Itachi is an extremely intelligent, powerful, admirable, determined, and sadly misunderstood character with many dimensions.

6) Madara Uchiha (SPOILER ALERT!!!)
I’m talking about the real Madara not Tobi, or Obito rather. I mainly like him for this godly power--he can summon freaking asteroids; that’s all you really need to know! Plus, the fact that he can plan something so big, for the lack of a better word, that will carry his will into the future--I find that very impressive! Of course, like all villains, he’s pretty annoying but... yeah.

5) Suigetsu Hozuki
Suigetsu was actually my favorite character for some time. I’ve always been amused with his wry personality and his overall indifferent attitude towards everything. His skills are also noteworthy, as he cannot be beaten by any solid attack unless it’s powered by electricity and can quite easily stop Jugo’s impulses by suffocating him with water. He’s also shown to be able to “heal” others by reattaching body parts with his Hydrification Jutsu. But what brought him down by three numbers? It’s just that recently, he hasn’t been seen doing much compared to the rest of the story’s cast. Nonetheless, he is still an awesome comic relief character to have in the series. In addition, I hope he does meet his goal one day--to obtain all Seven Swords.

4) Gaara of the Desert
Back when I was in middle school, Gaara was my favorite character. Even now, he’s still made it to the top ten and very high up as well. Gaara’s fighting style is arguably the most unique in the whole series--stationary fighter. He can do so much with his sand without moving around much. Back in Part I, he could survive most of the Chunin Exams without suffering a single scratch. He was fearsome, ruthless, deadly, and almost invincible. After he reformed and became a good guy, he still remained one of the strongest characters in the series and I actually considered him to be the “Shadow the Hedgehog” of Naruto (I don’t know about now though). Of course, his character had become downplayed after the introduction of more powerful characters. Even still, in some of his late Shippuden fights, including his battle against the 2nd Mizukage and a brief struggle against Madara (when Madara tried to steal Shukaku), Gaara continued to demonstrate extraordinary and unique jutsu, including throwing his sand into his opponent's bloodstream and creating a giant mausoleum of sand.

3) Might Guy
“Whoa, how did Guy get that far up? How could he be above Kakashi!?” I actually really like Might Guy because not only does he provide comic relief, but behind that silly surface, he’s actually an extremely powerful character that many other strong characters had to acknowledge. When Sasuke first met him, even he was surprised by Guy’s speed and almost believed that Guy might actually be better than Kakashi. During the Chunin Exams, even Kakashi was shocked that Guy was capable of the Forbidden Jutsu. Against the Sound Ninja during the Operation: Destroy Konoha arc, Guy overwhelmed one ninja with his speed and easily punched him out of the wall. When encountering Itachi and Kisame for the first time, Itachi understood that Guy was not an easy opponent, as Guy revealed that it was possible to read Itachi’s movement just by looking at his feet. In one filler episode, Kurenai stated that she envied Guy for his belief in his students. But the most epic part moment for Might Guy is his battle against Kisame, one of the stronger members of the Akatsuki--Damn! Might Guy went all Super-Saiyan Beast Mode on Kisame, smoking him with... his sweat! (Atomic sweat for the win!) Because people tend to compare and contrast him with Kakashi, who is more popular, Guy becomes a bit underrated I find. But I like Guy better for the aforementioned reasons.

2) Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru
If we’re talking about a video game, let’s say Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2, Kiba and Akamaru would instantly be at the top of this list because in this game that I just mentioned, Kiba is hands down my favorite character to use--a character who uses a dog in battle--how awesome is that? I love dogs and I love seeing dogs kick everyone else’s ass. Thankfully, in Clash of Ninja Revolution 2, I can easily have Akamaru cling on to my opponent and after he’s done, I have Kiba rush in there to slam the opponent with Fang Over Fang! And it feels great to see the canine duo beat everyone down like that! But unfortunately, that’s not something we see very often, if at all, in the main series, which I find disappointing. I want to see Kiba and Akamaru win a significant battle! Is that much to ask? Even Choji could kill Jirobo and at least challenge the Gedo Statue--WTF?! If Choji can get something like that, why can’t Kiba and Akamaru get something so awesome? Of course, Kiba and Akamaru do get to fight Sakon and Ukon, supposedly the toughest of the Sound Five next to Kimimaro and do manage to put Ukon temporarily out of commission, but Akamaru was knocked out too! And that pissed me off! But I digress. Kiba and Akamaru have strength, speed, number, and sharp senses, but their lack of patience (especially for Kiba) and a good defense always seems to become their biggest flaws in battle that would cost them big time. Bottom line, I see a lot of potential in this canine duo, but I long to see them win a significant battle on their own.

Okay, now before I get to my number 1 favorite character in the entire series hands down, I'd like to list some honorable mentions:
- Shikamaru Nara
- Rock Lee
- Tenten
- Neji Hyuga
- Sai
- Baki
- Kankuro
- Temari
- Kabuto Yakushi
- Deidara
- Kurotsuchi
- Darui
- Killer B
- Kakuzu
- Nagato (a.k.a "Pain")

1) Shino Aburame
That is right! In the end, bug boy Shino Aburame is my favorite character in the Naruto series! What’s not to like about him? Like Itachi, he is also an ideal shinobi (well he didn’t necessarily have to endure as much as Itachi did) in that he can control his emotions and think rationally. Shino always knows what he is doing and would never miscalculate his steps in a fight. Like Gaara, he is also capable of stationary fighting and can also be merciless against his opponents (not to mention he can also scare Naruto sometimes). Shino’s intelligence can also compare with Shikamaru’s as he can also think several steps ahead of the enemy. In fact, one thing I like about Shino’s strategies more than Shikamaru’s is that while Shikamaru has to sit back like a geezer while planning his moves, Shino is constantly plotting and taking action at the same time. Shino is a ninja who can use time to his advantage almost better than anyone else; while keeping his opponents busy or focused on just one thing (even in a conversation), Shino’s bugs would already be on the move. In fact, that is why I believe that if Shino and Shikamaru were to fight, Shino would win, because even with an IQ of 200, Shikamaru still needs some time to plan, and within that time, Shino’s bugs will already be draining Shikamaru’s chakra, which would put Shikamaru at a huge disadvantage since his jutsu consumes a lot of chakra (unlike Shino’s which can, again, absorb chakra). I know that makes Shino’s techniques seem a bit cheap, but I wouldn’t like it any other way because I wouldn’t mind being a cheap bastard myself! But I digress. Shino is also one of the few characters whom Naruto never needs to reason with, and that’s not just because Shino is a logical person, but also a flat character (a character that does not have a complex backstory nor undergoes a dynamic change), a huge break from characters with annoyingly complicated backgrounds. Although Naruto finds Shino weird like most people might, Naruto does acknowledge Shino as a strong and talented shinobi. In fact, even Naruto believed that Shino should join the group Shikamaru assembled to retrieve Sasuke. So to summarize, Shino is my favorite character because he has all of the following:
- Logic/intelligence
- Unique and effective jutsu
- Dark horse potential
- Cutthroat determination
- Awareness (I forgot to mention that during the Chunin Exam Finals, while Sasuke was fighting Gaara, Shino was the first Leaf genin to learn that something else was going on outside the Exams, after hearing Temari and Kankuro mention ‘the plan.’)
- Independence
- Unique rival (Kankuro) - To me, I feel a sense of completion for a character when he or she has a rival in combat.
- Good winning record - I don’t recall Shino ever losing, except maybe a tie with - - - Kankuro.
- Loyalty
- Some comic relief (only in certain fillers)
Shino, is in my opinion, a very underrated character that deserves more attention and more regard. Also if you haven't already, go check Shino Aburame out in Naruto Shippuden Movie 2: Bonds--his one and only scene there... was epic!!!


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