Fights in Naruto that I would love to see

Fights in Naruto that I would love to see

These are the fights in Naruto that don't exist but I wish they were.

Chapter 1

Fights in Naruto worth seeing

1) Naruto vs Rock Lee
I am a little surprised that the two have never engaged in a single fight in the main series. Not only are these two rivals in love for Sakura, but both are strong taijutsu users and share similar views on life and goals, with Lee being the slightly smarter of the two. I would love to see these two fight it all out.

2) Gaara vs Neji
Both are powerful geniuses with strong offensive and defensive options. I would sure as hell expect to see an epic battle between these two. Back in the Chunin exams, Gaara felt some pressure after witnessing the fight between Neji and Hinata. Also, Tenten thought that Neji’s defenses were “even better than Gaara’s.” I would personally expect and hope Gaara would win, but that would call for a splendid battle between the prodigies.

3) Shino vs Shikamaru
Now this is probably the first fight out of the list that I would want to see! Both are highly intelligent strategists, with Shikamaru receiving more acknowledgement. Sure, he has an IQ of 200 and is able to come up with complex and unique tactics to get his opponents where he wants them. But what about Shino, whom I believe to be the forgotten one? Shino is also able to come up with effective strategies--while not as complex as Shikamaru’s, Shino’s are more efficient and can actually hurt his enemies instead of just paralyzing his enemies. Yes, I’ve stated in earlier blogs that I like Shino better, but that calls for a contest between the two brainiacs. Will Shino become completely wrapped in Shikamaru’s shadow? Or will Shino’s bugs prevail from the dark grasps and overwhelm Shikamaru?

4) Kiba vs Sasuke (before the latter became overpowered)
As Sasuke is now, there wouldn’t be a contest, but back in the day before he went to get his curse mark powered up, he would certainly have a fair fight with Kiba. Sure, Sasuke was always the number one genius in class but Kiba’s strength, speed, and pairing with Akamaru would be an excellent challenge for Sasuke just as it was for Naruto, whom Kiba could have beaten had it not been for the fart. Furthermore, against Sakon, Sasuke was so easily beaten. And yet, when Kiba and Akamaru fought Sakon and Ukon, they were at least able to pick a fight, do a number on the them, and even temporarily put Ukon out of commission. I would expect to see a epic match between Kiba and Sasuke in Part 1. Kiba may have let his guard down against Naruto, but that would not happen against Sasuke, whom Kiba would be serious against from the start.

5) Sakura vs Hinata
People on the internet like to put these girls against each other as potential candidates for Naruto’s love. But I, on the other hand, would be more interested to see them just fight instead. Sakura’s strength and healing abilities versus Hinata’s precision and defenses. Both have decent offensive and defensive options, with Sakura more offensive and Hinata more defensive. These would sure make for an interesting fight between the two kunoichi.

6) Might Guy vs Itachi
When Guy first met Itachi and Kisame, Guy knew right away to look at Itachi’s feet to predict his movements. Even Itachi understood right away that Guy was not an easy opponent. For this reason, I would love to see Guy and Itachi go all out against each other. Even if Itachi were to use moves like Amaterasu and Susano’o, I trust Guy to be able to challenge them by opening eight of his Gates. Both the Mangekyou Sharingan and Guy’s forbidden taijutsu would boast immense power while consuming a lot of energy. The only way to compare which is stronger is to have them fight. This would be a battle I wouldn’t want to miss!


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