First Thoughts.....

Chapter 1


Yellow: Pikachu
Blue: Andy Biersack's eyes
Music: Hero
Quibblo: Amazing
School: Annoying
Table: Dancing
Plaid: My friend Pritchett
Swag: SWAG= Secretly We Are Gay. Was invented in the 60's when gays were frowned upon and were 100% not accepted
Hunger Games: Brutally intriguing
Spoons: The March Hare
Forks: Twilight, blegh
Cats: My friend Rebecca
Annoying: School
Letters: Words
Phone: Internet
iPod: Music
Happy: Rarely
Harry Potter: Filming Mistakes(there are alot)
Top friends: amazing
Food: Anorexia and Bulimia battle
Potato: Niall Horan
Bricks: The road to my grandma's(a part of the city still has brick roads)
Pink: Alecia Beth Moore
Wood: Quiditch
Rocks: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may surely kill me.
Unrelated: Youtube.


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