Fear the dark

Day and night are 24 hours long.

During the day the world is ruled by groups of bandits, thieves, and murderers. Only those in communities survive

Then, you retreat into the underground, or you die by the foul, evil creatures that rule the night.

Chapter 1

Characters informations

by: cjcj
Name: Julius Rios
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Looks: Tall, tan, brown hair, lean, orange eyes. Wears a leather jacket, combat boots, jeans, and sunglasses.
Personality: Quiet, likes to be alone, but is actually a good leader. Serious. Not afraid of the dark, but smart enough not to stay out at night.
Weapon of choice: long scimitar
Home: Grew up in Albion, the worlds largest underground city, and was hidden by his parents. But they were run out of the city when he was discovered and have been traders ever since.
Family: Mom was killed in a raid, and dad was killed protecting him when night fell.
Mutation: Can see in the dark
Love interest: Will have a female character

Name: Celeste Hill
Gender: F
Age: 16
Looks: Tall for her age, thin, pixie cut platinum blonde hair, dark green eyes, fair skin, faint freckles across nose. Wears denim shorts, combat boots, wears a bandanna occasionally and a leather jacket.
Personality: Quiet, but pretty friendly and kind, loyal,
Weapon of choice: Throwing knives slung over her back.
Home: Has lived in Albion her whole life and only gone above ground once in her life.
Family: Only her Mother, Laura and her older brother, Jonah(19) and her younger brother, Talon(9). Father died when he was fighting a monster to save her life after she sneaked out above ground to see what it was like.
Mutation: None.
Love interest: Male character, maybe Julius?

Name: Thomas Marne
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Looks: Native American with short dark hair and dark brown eyes that are almost black. Very masculine features(there is no way he can be mistaken for a girl). He has broad shoulders and muscles from working for food in the underground cities. Though he usually has a scowl on his face, it just makes him more appealing.
Personality: Stoic, has a soft voice because he hardly says anything, likes to think of himself as a hero because he beats up anyone who picks on others. The ones he beats up, usually end up close to dieing, he doesn't normally care when that happens.
Weapon of choice: He likes fire and usually carries around a flame thrower. He doesn't normally use it for fighting. He does have two pistols at his sides and a few daggers hidden on his body.
Home: He moves around a lot in the underground cities and rarely goes to the outside because he is extremely scared of what he will encounter there. So he has no permanent residence.
Family: A younger sister who he cares for more than his own life. When his mother died, years after his sister Lily was born, there dad abandoned them on the outside, and Thomas had to carry his unconscious sister to the underground. He almost didn't make it.
Mutation: None
Love interest: Has never pictured himself falling in love because he only sees himself helping Lily. But deep inside, he is likely to fall in love with a girl who is absolutely fearless. Although, that will be completely impossible.

Name: Jaed (Jade) Laurel Moss (Nicknames: Jay, Laurel, Mossie)
Gender: female
Age: just turned 14
Looks: dark red hair down to the bottom of rib cage, ivy green eyes with specks of blue. Scar going along left cheek and one small one on forehead. 5'5 light caramel skin.
Personality: stubborn, strong headed, can be nice once you know her, snappy, quick tempered and Hardly ever express any emotions apart from anger.
Weapon of Choice: Black leather whip and throwing stars
Home: apartment in an underground city
Family: 77year old grandma, dad, brother and sister.
Mutation: Enchanced hearing and smell, can tell smells apart easily and can hear the slightest sounds if they are within normal hearing range.

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