Help me

I have to write these reflections for choir on these songs. I just need help. I can't think of anything. Just tell me what these songs mean to you. I have to write at least three paragraphs on each. Please help.

Chapter 1

Autumn Reel

by: NyghtDawn
Crisply does the wind in October rustle cross the meadow, charming and enticing the world to dance the autumn reel. Swirling ever twisting and turning leaves playfully frolic. Flashing red and yellow and told they brightly spin and wheel. Bowing and merrily nodding tress bend to rhythm swaying they acknowledge the wind as master of the day. Smoke curls round the chimneys and houses misty and enchanting, whirling with a flourish a wisp a magical display.

(And to all of the copy right people out there. I do not own this song. But I forgot who wrote it.)

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