Clavis Animi

One key holds the secret to unlocking a little girl's past and why it was lost. One key holds the secret to which the lost could be found. One key holds the truth within one mind...

Chapter 1


"And this girl, she has lost all of her memories, you say?" An aging man with a bald head and wearing a suit put down a file and peeked through a window to look in on a small child.
"Yes sir!" another man replied, his thin hands shaking as he, too, looked through the window at the girl. "The doctors say that she won't remember anything until the afterlife, unless..."
"Unless what, Private?"
The small man held out a shaking hand, a bronze key clenched in his grasp. "The doctors say that we had to put the memories somewhere, and they want to give her this key, just to see if she truly is as brilliant as they say sir."
The older man became enraged. "They want to give this child the key to her mind! Are these people insane?! With that advantage, she would destroy us all! But still...she may never find the answer. Give her the key, we shall indeed see if she is the genius they say she is!"

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