Capt. Nera

Capt. Nera

This is the script that I have been talking about. The first chapter will list the cast of characters for the script. I will mention the username of the people that joined in this movie. The ones that don't have usernames are the ones that don't have any. So if you are still interested in join please comment on the other post. I'll leave the link here for you so you can pick your characters.

Chapter 2

5:34 p.m.- Green Base Headquaters

Capt. Nera enters the base with a 30.06. Gen. Carson turns to him.

Gen. Carson- Captain, Let me ask you a question.

Capt. Nera- Sure.

Gen. Carson- What are you doing with that gun?

Capt. Nera- Oh, don't worry it's not loaded (It fires to the ceiling,)

Gen. Carson- Not loaded, huh, sure sounds loaded.

Capt. Nera- Oh, no. That was the last bullet anyways. (Tosse the gun and it backfires and everyone on deck ducks. The Mistress walks up to the General.)

Mistress Lily- Mind if I left before the Captain sinks another ship?

Capt. Nera- I'm unsinkable.

Gen. Carson- Not after I derank you.

Capt. Nera- You would have to derank my friend.

Gen. Carson- That could be arranged.

Col. Tegan- Not in your lifetime.

Gen. Carson- Colonel? Did I hear you order me?

Col. Tegan- (Scared.) Sorry sure.

Gen. Carson- Okay, recruits. We've got a message code from the Blue army.

(Capt. Nera takes the code from the General and takes a long look at it, Posts it on the bulletin board and takes about 5 steps away from it and reads it.)

Gen. Carson- You're not going to figure it out, we've tried.

Capt. Nera- I know what it says.

Gen. Carson- Ya, right.

Capt. Nera- You see it's all backwards and it says they will attack at dinner time. See read it.

Gen. Carson- (Reads.) We attack at dinner time. Pvt. Shannon.

Col. Tegan- But that's on 06 hundred hours.

Gen. Carson- We set sail in 03 hundred hours.

Capt. Nera- I'll take over from here.

Gen. Carson- Be my guest.

Col. Tegan- But I'm higher than her.

Gen. Carson- But you were never trained for running the ship.

Capt. Nera- Neither was I.

Gen. Carson- But you can drive.

Col. Tegan- So can I.

Gen. Carson- But you get sea sickness, but I'm still having you ride the ship.

Col. Tegan- Great another mess for the mess boy to clean.

Capt. Nera- Maybe if you wouldn't go partying so much.

Col. Tegan- Maybe if someone hadn't drag me to all of those parties.

Gen. Carson- SHUT UP! Now if you two don't settle down I'l put you two on another episode of Dukes of Hazards.

Pvt. Mikey- BANG!

Gen. Carson- Private you want deranked?

Pvt. Mikey- You're going to Court Marshall?

Gen. Carson- Good idea, Now on that U.S.S Quibblo.

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