Eraser Marks

Chapter 1

Eraser Marks

Think of her 
And all her tears 
And the years 
That she spent alone 
With scars 
And scratches 
And pain 
And being empty 

And the long sleeves 
The pieces of her heart 
Shattered beneath your feet 
And that desperation 
She must have felt 
To get you back 
To love her 
To hold her 
To need her 

That while she cries 
And dies 
At the hands of your evil 
Those eraser marks on her heart 
They're marks for a reason 
And you know 
Deep down 
That she's trying to forget you 
But she can't 
And never knew how 

And though acting may hide it 
She both loves and hates you 
For doing this to her 
Making her pain 
Sting worse that a slap to the face 
Like you never used words 
Though this hurts worse 
Than any slap ever would 
And the passion 
She gave you 
It didn't matter 
You ignored her anyway 

I've got news for you 
She isn't your toy 
To mess with 
To hurt 
To break 
Because this is one thing 
That can't be replaced in the store 
Or payed for 
Or traded 

You just lost her 
Because those eraser marks- 
They didn't work.

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