Torn Between Two Lovers. (1D FANFIC)

Hey guys, it has been a LONG time since I've been on quibblo, and I apologize for never continuing my other two stories. I got really sick during the time that I was writing them and though I had a lot of inspiration, I was drained both mentally and physically. After having surgery and recovering very well, I have decided to write a new story! Again, I apologize for not finishing the stories. If you are interested in me picking them back up, please message me! xo xo

Chapter 1


Prologue: "Torn between two lovers. Feeling like a fool. Loving both of you, is breaking all the rules."

And here I stand. In front of the two men that I am utterly, far beyond in love with. How could I make this mess? Stuck to choose between the two that have helped me battled so many of my demons throughout the beginning of my career. Will I really do this? Instead of choosing, I hum the tune that is the theme song of my life now. How could I become so torn? Looking at Harry, I see the good and bad; our relationship was always complicated, but I always fought for what we had. With Niall, I was always laughing, but it was almost not enough for me. Tears were easily flowing down my face, I couldn't see their beautiful faces between the tears. "Please, Danielle. Please, pick me." Harry pleaded, though that just made the tears worse. "I...I..." my vision became blurry, the world slowed down. It went black.

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