Loral Crown ~ Original story ~

What would you do if the government was on the brink of collapse? If the "democratic leader" known as the president was truly a heartless dictator?

For exactly this reason, three heroes joined together and formed a rebellion against this threat. Although the war tore through America, the rebellion still stood strong.

Now, two years later, the heroes come back from hiding. Blaine, Jason, and Gabriel will have to unite again to fight the terrible threat.

Chapter 1

I was looking down the miles of countryside, watching the animals graze as I drove by until I got a call. I looked down to see my friend Jason calling, whom I hadn't spoke to in years.

I hit a button on my iPhone. "Hey stranger", I said sarcastically. "This is no laughing matter, Blaine. I'm getting the team together for something...

...something big", he replied.

This was first time in ten years he's called me by my full name, so I knew he was serious.

"They're back and arming themselves. We both knew this would day would come, Blaine", he said.

"Shi^t, I knew this day would come, but I thought we had taken care of them. I'll be over there in five days tops later Jase." I hung up and took a hard turn and headed towards the airport.

I had packed my stuff and had started heading to the airport for my trip to New york

A few days later

I walked out of the gate, looking for Jase. Eventually I found him sleeping on a chair.

"Hey, hey Jase", I nudged him. "Hey, J dog, dummy, wake up sesame?" I finally shook him and he woke up grumpily.

"Wha- Why did you wake me up?", he asked.

"Get up stupid! Jeez, you ask me to fly several-hundred miles and you won't even wake up?", I exclaimed.

He spoke more clearly now. "Let's just head to the car and I'll explain all of this okay?"

He showed me to his old beat up truck.

"You still got this old hunk a junk?", I remarked.

"Hey, this holds a lot of memories in it and you know that damn well", he scolded.

He started up the truck and started driving.

"So like I was saying earlier, you may have left the fight two years ago, but your story lives on. If you know what I mean, Blaine", he told me.

"What do you mean?", I asked.

"Ever since our grand battle alongside Gabriel, the government has been searching every nook and cranny to find you. They have turned your life upside down, so now almost every American hates your guts", he continued.

"And now the rebels look up to you as a god", he finished.

"That's why I moved to Canada, Jase. I moved to start over and now I'm being dragged into the the war just like I was two years ago", I blurted out.

"Look, just shut up Blaine. And stop thinking of yourself for one minute!", he yelled.

He pulled out his phone and put up a picture. I looked at it.

"Do you know what this is Blaine?" I looked at it in a slightly horrified and angered face.

"It's Fueraza", I replied looking at the desolate wasteland that was my hometown. Barriers with barbed wires over them and army jets flying overhead.

"Now you need to make the choice Blaine", he told me.

"You or your family and friends?", he asked.

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