The 77th Annual Hunger Games- Never Expected

There are 24 tributes reaped each year between the ages of 13-18, sure, now it is possible for two people to get out alive, well that is if that is if your district partner makes it to the end with you, thanks to Suzanne Collins, that was made a reality, but, the 77th Hunger Games is in the air and the odds are only In one district's favour, will it be District 1? 2? 3? 4? 5? 6? 7? 8? 9? 10? 11? Or the rare 12? Or will the tributes try to put an end to the blood thirsty battle? Read this to see!

Chapter 1

Kari Roeda- District Two

I sat in my house, shaking, I could be reaped today, or I would face the pressure of volunteering, like my cousin who died because of stupid Suzanne Collins! Let me get something straight, you don't write a trilogy about how bad the Capitol is, Suzanne learned that the hard way when she died in the Quarter Quell. How dare she make my cousin seem like a monster! My cousin only joined careers to stay alive! District Two may be a wealthier district than twelve, but we still have it bad, food is as short as twelve' s we haven't had a victor in years, Clove would've won if it wasn't for Suzanne Collins! If she wouldn't have then maybe, and if it wasn't for Suzanne, my cousin Willow would have won, but she treated all careers like monsters!
In case you haven't noticed, Suzanne Collins, was Katniss Everdeen, she won with Peeta, but after that, in the Quell, Suzanne died because of a certain book being sold in the market called The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and The Mockingjay. It was idiotic of her, she was a symbol of rebellion alright, until she died and we realized that Suzanne was trying to get us all killed. But her motivation was right, the games should end, but we are no use against the Capitol! I could barely afford the white tank top and pants I had on right now! We can barely afford to put food on the table!
Also, Suzanne thinks she had it bad, I have to live with my aunt and uncle because my parents died! I can't do anything but sit around and do nothing while my uncle works in the granite mines, and my aunt works as some kind of worker in training the Peacekeepers. It's rare for a woman to get a job in the Districts, she got lucky. I sat around caring for Willow, she was born the day after the first Willow died so her parents named her Willow, Kaleb, Julian, and Percy, my four cousins, and Susan, my little sister, Percy is thirteen and Susan was fourteen so sometimes I wander around outside while he watches the bunch.

Aunt Mary came home from her job, she gives messages to the teachers in the school for the Peacekeepers, she noticed that I was not wearing a dress but tank top and pants, "Kari! Get changed!" She yelled.
"I am changed!" I protested.
"You aren't wearing that!"
"Yes I am, I don't wear dresses!"
"You may only be in the jar three times, but you are wearing a dress!"
"I am not! Look, we have to leave! It's almost time for the reaping!"
We left, my uncle Steven is going to meet us there. Even though he was going to be there. I was the last in line for my age group, I winced as the needle pricked my finger and blood covered my finger, so when my index finger was pushed down onto a box with Kari Roeda was labelled on it, it left a finger print. I wiped the blood of on my pants and went toward my family. Aunt Mary looked angry with me for not wearing anything formal, I just pushed a lock of curly, light brown hair away from my tan face, but the side bangs fell back into place.
Ireese Weatherton walked up onto the stage and announced everyone welcome and immediately went to the jar, " Ladies first, as always," she said in her annoying accent. I felt a chill run up my spine and thought What if I'm picked, no, I can't be picked! I won't be! but, my thoughts will not help, if I am picked, no, I won't be.
Ireese put her hand in the bowl and her hand wandered and pulled one out. She unfolded it like if she did it to fast it'd shred to pieces, she nodded in approval and announced the name, "Kari Roeda!" Her voice boomed through the stadium.
Everything around me slowed down, What! I was reaped! No! What! I looked my family, their tearful faces looked at me, Susan looked like she was ready to say something, I knew she wanted to volunteer and be like Katniss, "Don't you even think about it, Susan!" I said and the Peacekeepers came over and grabbed me impatiently, "I'm coming, I'm coming." I said, wincing to the painful grip of the Peacekeepers.
I walked up the stage, Girls rarely get Volunteers, the boy will surely be saved by a volunteer, I thought. Ireese looked at me, "Well, you look like your about to step in the games right this second!" She exclaimed.
I rolled my eyes, " Because I am," I lied.
" Boys next!" She walked over to the bowl and dug her hand in and did the exact same thing as before. I heard a familiar, "Jason Croan!" Damn I thought, Jason was my best friend. Surprisingly, no one volunteered, " Now both of you shake hands." We did so, " May the odds be ever in your favour!"
I didn't want to breath, not only is my life on the line, but so is my best friend's!
My final goodbyes weren't so great either, it was full of crying and hugging and Susan saying I better win, "I will, and I'm bringing Croan back with me! We 're best friends for a reason!" I replied.
I was freaking out inside, I dint want to die, and I don't want Jason to die either. I was terrified of this I've seen how bloody the Hunger Games can get, how brutal the deaths are, and more things that scare me, but I was ready to fight, and I was ready to kill if I must. The Hunger Games replayed over and over in my head, I am ready, I hope Croan is too.

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