Harry Potter & The High School Experience (with a twist)

Harry Potter & The High School Experience (with a twist)

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Chapter 13

Summer Coulson

School was ok I'm still super smart so getting used to muggle classes didn't seem to difficult and making friends came easily as well...I just hope Day can say the same thing.

After school I waited for Dana in the quad and we walked to the guidence counselor's office to see about extra corricular activities, people say they look good on college transcripts so we figured we should probably give them a try.

"No matter what we stick together" Day said

I nodded in agreement before we stepped up to the giant board in the back of the office to sign up for our favorite clubs and groups.

We picked choir first because we had been in choir at Hogwarts how much different could it be here.

We then picked drama before I picked cheerleading and Dana picked fashion

After picking our clubs we had a chat with the guidence counselor getting to know him, he was a nice gay man it was easy to talk to and surprisingly he reminded us of Dumbledore but way younger and less of a coot....his name was Dylan and he said we could call him so, he said that he may be an adult so we had to respect him but he was only in his 30's so calling him sir would be weird.

Day and I loved him (but not in a gross way) instantly and we agreed on that as we walked out to the front of the school to wait for her dad and Christian to pick us up.

"We might need to buy a car for when they're busy" Day said

"Neither of us know how to drive" I pointed out causing us both to giggle as Christian and Mr. Oldman pulled up to the crub.

Dana and I shared a hug before hopping into our cars then she hugged her father and I hugged my brother before we headed home

Once home I did my homework for the next couple of weeks while Christian made dinner

"So how was your first day?" Christian asked placing my plate in front of me a half an hour later as I closed my textbooks happily done with everything for now

"Fine, I made a couple friends and have plans to go out for pizza Saturday" I said

Christian raised an eyebrow

My brother's never been one to trust people but who knows maybe Christian wouldn't be as overprotective as Tom.

"Pizza, with who?" Christian asked

"Oh, just a boy named Robbie, he's nice and he offered to show me around New York if that's ok" I said taking a bite of my food

"Well I guess that's okay, but I want to meet him first and you'll have to be home at a reasonable hour even if it is the weekend" Christian said

I smiled strick like Tom but at least Christian is being reasonable, Tom would have just said no.

"Deal" I said which caused my brother and I to smile

After dinner Christian checked my homework while I cleaned up the kitchen

"Everything looks good Sum" Christian said reclosing my books as I finished the dishes

I thanked him before placing my books back into my school bag

Later that night I took a shower before bed and called Day just wanting to check in

Around 11 I went to bed for school the next morning

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