Harry Potter & The High School Experience (with a twist)

Harry Potter & The High School Experience (with a twist)

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Chapter 2

Dora Black

It was the last day of summer break before my fifth year at Hogwarts began, my best friend Sara Riddle & I were called to headmaster Dumbledore's office.

"I have called you girls here in hopes of an escape...a way out safely for the two of you, you see a war is coming & Sara's brother brings it with hatred & fear" Dumbledore says after sucking on a limon drop

Sara looked ready to kill the headmaster for talking down about her elder brother.

"A way out sir" I asked

Dumbledore nodded then pushed an envelope in front of me before doing the same to Sara.

"Inside these envelopes are everything you will need to start over in a new world; to live a safe & normal life" Dumbledore says

"Why?" Sara asks slowly reaching for her envelope as if it may be cursed or something

"Because I fear if you two stay you will not live past the first stages of this war" Dumbledore says

I nodded & grabbed my envelope as well, Sara & I counted to three before opening the tab & pulling out the contents

A driver licence, a birth certificate, & a detailed history lay inside

"Summer Coulson" Sara read picking up the passport I hadn't noticed til it toppled into my lap

"Dana Oldmen" I read picking up the licence

"Right, your new identities" Dumbledore said like it was that easy, open a letter & get a new life like the one you have been living all these years never existed.

"What if we refuse" Sara said getting that evil glint in her eyes the one her brother Tom gets when he doesn't like the answer he's been given.

"Then you run the risk of dying" Dumbledore says

That made Sara cure in parseltonge

"Would we at least get to say goodbye?" I asked

"No, no one must ever know about this switch" Dumbledore said

"When and how?" Sara & I asked together

"Now" Dumbledore said

He waved his wand & the world went dark around us.

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