Love Me Once

Through the generations of time past lovers have fallen apart to nothing. Follow the tales of the heartbroken, heartbreakers, still-holding-ons and losing-my-grips. Hearts may never heal.

Chapter 1

Red Milton: Saying Goodbye

I'll never forget that night.

Or that letter.

Jason, are you listening?

You probably aren't.

His chocolate brown eyes gazed into my green.

His arms wrapped around my waist like I tethered him to Bramble Street.

His heart thumped against mine with the care only he gave me.

Me and Jason.

Standing under the streetlamp on that snowy night.

He reached into his pocket.

A letter.

His hand stretched out, offering it to me.

"I'm sorry."

And walked away.

I opened it.

My Red Angel,
The time has come, my darling dear.
I'd never want to leave you here.
But soon I'm moving away.
Goodbye, my dear.
See you someday.

I ran into the alley.

Tears stung my eyes.



I put the letter in the envelope.

Into the chest.

My little shack flooded with tears.

That envelope has what binds me to my only life source.


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