It's Okay Now - Original Story

I couldn't think of a good title. But I thought I should write something in the spirit of Halloween, although this isn't really Halloween themed. Maybe I'll think of something before midnight. I doubt it though.
While I was writing it I hated it, but I read back over and was like heyyy this ain't bad.
anyway. It's SUPER short. Don't have a character count, but yeah.

Chapter 1


They tell you not to mess with the unknown, they tell you everything is not as it seems.
Well let me tell you, they're right.
It was just an experiment, or really curiosity got the best of me. Either way it was a mistake.
I welcomed it into our life, thinking it was some kind of joke, it wasn't a joke. It was very real. I lost everything and everyone.
But it's all over now. Two years later and I have my life back together. I live alone in a small apartment with a new job nearby. I moved all the way across the country to escape the memories, and it. And everything is okay now.

Today seems like a good day. I smile at myself in the mirror, my reflection smiles back.
Stop worrying. I think to myself, you're fine now.
I stop smiling, my reflection doesn't.


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