Fictional Reality

A Poem

by Tony Q.

Chapter 1

Fictional Reality

So many people I've met.
So many places I've been.
Of all these problems I fret.
Of all these things I've seen.

Great distances I've crossed.
Great oceans I've sailed.
Loved people I've lost.
Unexpected twists derailed.

Journeys and adventures,
Love and heartbreak.
These pages and words,
Of my own, I'll make.

My happiest moments,
My saddest memories.
So much time I've lent,
To my fictional reality.

I've been to the moon and back,
Without even stepping outside.
I've met Jill, and I've met Jack.
Of reality, I will not bid.

I've sung with fairies, danced with elves.
I've explored worlds, so wonderful and strange.
Laughed hysterically at the books on my shelves.
I've seen secrets unfurled, men go deranged.

I've loved time and time again,
Just as many have I mourned.
But I'll always let them in,
These words that I have learned.

No, I don't need a true reality.
My best times are in works of fiction.
I wont budge, this is finality.
A common reader's addiction.

I'll stick to my books,
Words and pages.
These twists and hooks,
I could read for ages.


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