Behind the Painted Oak Door

An introduction is unnecessary for the telling of this short novella.

Chapter 1

Rusting Metal

My grandparents where rich. And I mean RICH. So rich that if they wanted, they could go to Africa and leave the next day to go to New York. And they gave all the money to me when they passed away.
I can't have ever claimed that I liked them. Whenever I came over the where very stuffy, and prim and proper, withdrawn, antisocial, and they needed everything perfect. As a child that was the way I acted around them so they wouldn't hate me, and I guess that left a good impression on them.
And another fact was that everyone except me and my uncle where already dead by the time they died. They absolutely despised Uncle Jeremy. They thought he was a wild, unruly moron that hasn't had the slightest bit of intelligence. But I love him with all of my heart. In my eyes he was a fun, caring uncle that loved adventure. So I decided to invite him to live with me in my new mansion.

I paced around the garden anxiously; I couldn't wait for Uncle Jeremy to arrive. I was wearing a white dress tied back with a light pink bow, and a frilly hat to shade my eyes from the sun, paired with dainty little blue slippers. I didn't bother to put on gloves, even though it is improper.
I sat down on the edge of a fountain, staring down at my feet. I imagined hearing the honk of his 1908 Cadillac B, and several times I looked up thinking it was actually him, only to face back down at the ground again in disappointment when nothing was there.
Then I noticed something peculiar on the path, a muted glint coming off of it. I bent over and picked it up, blowing the dirt off of it. It was a key, slightly rusted and not intricately designed in the slightest, a holed-out circle on the end, a small rectangle jutting off of the other side to serve as the part of the key that opened the door. I put it in my small white purse to hold onto, and then I beard the beep of Uncle Jeremy's car. I bounced off of the fountain and ran out of the garden into Uncle Jeremy's arms.

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