Behind the Painted Oak Door

An introduction is unnecessary for the telling of this short novella.

Chapter 2

Locked Door

"Oh look how big you've gotten!" Uncle Jeremy swung me around in his arms.
He set me down and I looked at him, and jokingly said, "Uncle, I'm twenty two. I stopped growing a couple of years ago." I poked him in the chest.
"So? I haven't seen you in five years. You've grown to me." He pulled me into a hug again, and I hugged him back strongly. My hat got knocked off of my head, and after he let go of me I bent down to pick it up, but he shook his head and got on the ground to pick up my hat for me. I knew he did it jokingly, but I didn't like being treated like a lady. Only when it came to something like athletics or signing up for the army did I enjoy being told that I couldn't join because I'm a lady.
Jeremy opened the trunk and took out two suitcases. I took one suitcase and refused to let Jeremy make me put it back.
We walked up the stone path, me running ahead to open the gate and other doors. My servants where no where to be found, but I enjoyed being alone.
We wandered through the hallways, me just as lost as Jeremy was. I hadn't bothered to remember how to travel throughout the mansion, so a good bit of my time is spent trying to find the right room.
But it gave both of us a chance to look at the architectural detail if the place. If there was one thing I liked about visiting my grandparents as a child was roaming through the halls, admiring the grand look of it all.
I listened and eventually suffered through the many, many remarks Jeremy made about me, most concerning my lack at being able to know the way through this place.
"You don't know this place any better than I do, so I would very much like for you to shut up please." He laughed at that. Me being a baby in his eyes made everything I did seem hilarious to him, even though he was thirty-nine. As a child I thought adults had no sense of humor, but I was wrong. They can have bad senses of humor too.
We stopped, trying each door. If we came across a locked door, I would have to go through my huge ring of keys to unlock it.
At the end of a particularly long hallway, we found a small staircase I didn't notice before. We climbed it, and we found a small, dimly lit wooden hallway covered in dust and cobwebs, with a signal white wooden door at the end. It scared me how much it contrasted with the rest of the house.
I went up to it and juggled the knob. The door wouldn't budge. I went through every key in the ring, and none of them worked.
"So I take it I'm sleeping on the floor then." I imagined he smiled, but I was still facing the door. I slammed my fist into the wood, willing it to open.
"You know, if we look down another hallway we'll probably find a guest bedroom. It might be near your bedroom." I began to slam my body against the door harder. I had a natural curiosity, and I needed to know everything I came across.
"Jessica, it's really fine! We can leave!"
"No," I grunted him, very annoyed at everything in the whole world at the moment. My face lit up as I remembered the key I found in the garden earlier today. I sprung back from the door and opened my little white purse. I had a surprising amount of little trinkets I could stuff in such a small space.
My lips curved into a small smile as my handedly and gritty, cold bar. I pulled the key out of the purse, and shoved it into the lock. I twisted the key, and the door opened easily.
And then I saw whiteness, and then nothing.

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