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Chapter 1

I'm Harry Potter, Harry Harry Potter....Read Chapter 2

by: Pierced_
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These five teens love to read, but something strange happens when they open their book of choice. The main character comes to life and puts them in the book to replace them. Now, these teens have to find a way out of the book, and get the main character back in. But the characters want to live in the mortal world and they are not intending to go back....

Awesome, right? I need a writer for each of these books: By the way, the names in the ( ) are the characters you will replace.

Harry Potter (Harry)
The Hunger Games (Katniss)
Soul Eater (Death The Kid)
Death Note (Light)

You must write EVERY chapter until the end, or you will be replaced. (I know it's harsh, but I want this to have an end.) Here is the character form:

Age: (13 to 17)
Star Sign:
Hair Color:
Hair Style: (Wavy, Curly, or Straight)
Skin Tone:
Glasses, Braces, etc: (Optional)
Replacing: (Put the name of the character)
Outfit: (I know this is annoying but bear with me)
Weapon: (Max is 2)

Here is my character:

Name: Natalia Victoria Kit
Nicknames: Nat, Lia
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 23rd
Star Sign: Capricorn
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Wavy
Eyes: Hazel
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 5' 1"
Book: Black Butler (Anime)
Replacing: Ciel Phantomhive
Outfit: Plain white tank top, black zip up hoodie with a white star on the back that says "Dance", white headphones, dark blue skinny jeans, and black boots. Her hair is in a side braid.
Weapon: Knives and a Pistol
Family: Mom (Elizabeth); two older brothers: Louis (18), Jake (16); and a twin brother Daniel.
Other: Her Dad died when she was seven, and she hates when people touch on the subject.

Authors are chosen. No more sign-ups please.

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