I've Been Gone So Long.....

I'm sorry :(

Chapter 1

Hey Guys

Hey. I haven't been on this site in like, over a year... Haven't made a quiz in over a year... I'm so sorry guys :/ I don't know what happened, this site used to be my life. I guess I just got busy. Also, I have a lot of other social media sites I'm on now, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat. But I honestly really do miss you guys, I made a few good friends on here. Then I just sorta dropped off.... I noticed that all my messages got deleted :( I miss talking to you guys! I'm going to try to get on here again. But also, if you guys want to talk to me, I'm gonna leave some of my account names because I probably wont get on here often.

Twitter - @billiejoebamf
Tumblr - billiejoebamf
Instagram - @1039_smoothedout_slappyhours AND @imperfect_and_ashamed
Snapchat - billiejoeluv

I hope you guys actually remember me! It's been so long...

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