The Getaway Mile

The Getaway Mile

A Killjoy Story.
The Fabulous Killjoys are running and hiding from BL/ind. They hit the road and try to find a safe place to stay, but when they do, their peace doesn't last long. One has an agenda for revenge that could put all of their lives in danger and jeopardise their chances of finding the Getaway Mile and crossing the red line.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Goodbye Dr Death

Frank's POV
I lay on my side staring at the wall. I was lying next to Gerard, our backs to each other, BL/ind was after us, they had found our last hide out and we had to run again. We had ended up here, in Dr Death Defying's radio station. He had said that he could keep us here for a few days, but after that we would need to leave, because he didn't want the Scarecrow Unit coming here, we had agreed and he had promised to provide us with a vehicle, masks, we had lost our old ones last time we met the Scarecrows, and ray guns. Today we were to head off, we would be travelling towards Battery City where there were people like us hiding from BL/ind, this would be fun, it would be an adventure, and maybe we would be able to give our own back to the Scarecrows.
Gerard rolled over and wacked me in the head with his arm. "Poison," I groaned, "Wake up." We all had Killjoy names, these were names used to hide our true identities, and while we trusted Dr Death Defying enough to sleep, we didn't know who could be watching or listening so we had decided to start using our Killjoy names more, because BL/ind and the Scarecrows were after Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Ray, not Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid and Jet Star. But we had our names shortened because they were kinda long.
"Mmm, what?" I heard Gerard mumble.
"Wake up." I said firmly.
"But Ghoul, it's still early."
"We have to leave soon." I said.
"Wake up Kobra and Jet then." Gee, said rolling over.
I sighed and stood up, stepping over Gee and shaking Mikey's shoulder. "Kobra, get up." I said.
"What?!" Mikey was up like a startled bird and he looked around with a panicked look on his face, he was reaching towards his ray gun.
"Woah, calm down, it's just me." I said, my hands up defensively.
"Oh." he said as he clamed down.
"Can you wake up Jet?" I asked him. He nodded and started to shake Ray's shoulder. I walked back over Gee. "Poison, you really have to get up now." I said. "Everyone else is awake.
"Coffee." he groaned.
"Poison, there is no coffee." I said. Come on." I said and I started to pull him up, once he was nearly on his feet he started to wake up really fast and was standing up and walking around in a matter on seconds.
We all walked out to out of the room and saw Dr Death and one of his friends, a girl called Heather who was always staring at me weirdly. I usually just ignored her, she hardly talked to me anyway, she usually just talked to Gerard and Dr Death, apparently the rest of us were unworthy of her time.
"We're heading out now." Gee said to Dr Death.
"About time." he replied. "I have a car waiting out front for you and, here are your masks." He handed me a silicone ghoul mask that covered my whole head, fitting. He handed Gee a yellow masquerade mask that covered the area around his eyes, he handed a yellow and orange motorbike helmet to Mikes that said 'Good Luck' in capitol letters over the visor and to Ray he handed what looked like a space helmet, it was dark blue and there was a button on the side that put down the visor.
We walked outside and there was a car waiting for us, I was never good with cars, but it looked fast, and I mean really fast. It had a white hood with a black spider and on the sides it had the American Flag pattern, it only had the front windscreen and it was open where the windows would have curved up to the roof.
Gee and Mikey looked at each other for a second and jumped in. Gee took the wheel and Mikey took shotgun, I got in behind Mikey and Ray was next to me. Dr Death just watched us as Gee turned the car around and we sped towards the highway where stars were starting to form on the dark horizon. We wouldn't stop, the desert was a dangerous place at night.


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