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Creepypasta Home

the life of Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Ben Drowned, Sally, Smile Dog, Hoodie and Masky, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Lost Silver, Shriek and Lullaby (Mine I'm trying to submit to

if you want me to add another pasta, leave the name and (if you can) a description and what story they belong to.

none of these, besides Shriek and Lullaby, are mine

Chapter 1

Lullaby and Shriek move in

I sit up strait.
"Shh. Calm, child, be calm." The faceless man gentally pushes my shoulders down, making me lay still. I struggle. "Be calm, you are safe here. You will not be harmed."
"You're S-Slenderman!" I choke.
"I am."
"I... where is my sister?!"
"Shriek is in the next room, child."
"That is what the town is calling her. And they call you Lullaby." Slenderman lets me go, and I sit up. "You won't remember any of it. We call this the transition phase. Where you become accustomed to the life of a pasta."
"I'm not a pasta."
"You died." He tenderly takes my arm, and shows me my wrist. It is cut deeply in a strait line. The skin around it is bruised purple. I look up at him. "You killed yourself. But you are not insane anymore, you died sane."
"I did?" I smile. "I'm okay again."
"Shriek is probably looking for you, Lullaby."
"Slenderman," I say- my voice remaining quiet. A whisper. "My name was Samara. Shriek is Matilda. If you want, then you can call me Sam, or Samara." I close my eyes.
"I think it is best if you go by Lullaby, so you can remember your new name. Your pasta name." He helps me up. "Shriek is-"
A little girl with brown hair and a pink dress- and a bloody face- runs in. Her tears are blood.
"Jeff took my doll!"
"I can get it back."
The girl looks at me. "Will you play with me?"
"After I see Shriek, sweetie," I whisper. "Okay?"
She cheers.
"Lullaby, this is Sally. Sally, this is Lullaby. She will be staying with us." Slenderman helps Sally onto my bed.
She touches my long, wild black hair. "You are pretty. Jeff says you wanted to die. He says that you killed yourself. Why?"
"I...." I look up.
"She had a hard life, Sally," Slenderman cuts in. "That is not a nice question, Sally. She will never ask you how you died."
"I don't know how I died."
"I'm going to see Shriek," I say, falling into the new names. I actually like mine, although I have no idea why I am called that. Maybe it is because I have not spoken above a whisper. "I will be back."
"She is right next door," Slenderman says.
"Thank you," I whisper.
I step into the hall, and walk to the next door. A man with a burned face, no eyelids, a cut smile, and a bloody hoodie steps infrount of me. I instantly notice that my own hoodie- black not white- is bloody in it's own right. I know this man is Jeff the Killer- and he is holding Sally's pink-clad doll.
"You know my name," He says calmly. "You're new, aren't you, Lullaby?"
"That doll is Sally's."
"Yeah. It is."
"Why do you have it?"
"Because I do."
"Bully," I say in a sing-song voice. Then I snatch the doll and step into Shriek's bedroom. I shut the door in Jeff's face, and hug Shriek. Her hair is still white, her eyes green, but her skin is paler and there is a bruise on her neck. She must've hung herself, after I slit my wrists.
"I was so worried..."
I smile at my twin. "I met Slenderman, Sally, and Jeff the Killer. They're real, Matilda."
"Shriek. That is my name now."
"Come on, we have to go-"
"Can we stay?"
My mind goes back to the last thing I asked her. "Milly, will you stay with me? Will you hold me? Just... please?"
"Of course," I quote lightly. "We can stay. Let's go meet everyone."
She leads me back to the room I woke in. Slenderman is there, holding Jeff off the floor with one tentical, and Sally is playing with her hands. There is a dog, a big dog, with a creepy smile. But the dog is cute.
"Lullaby, Shriek," Slenderman says. Sally bounces up.
"Play with me?" She giggles. "Please?"
I hand her the doll.
"We're staying- if that is alright."
Slenderman nods, and I begin to wish he had a mouth. "Call me Slender. Or, if you wish, Slendy."
"Hey! I can'y c-"
"I don't like you." Slender shakes Jeff a bit.
We laugh.

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