Stories of the Past-an 1890s group story

Chapter 1


my character: Name: Elizabeth Warden (goes by Lizzy
Looks: Straight red hair, green eyes, 5'11, fair skinnned, very slim
Personality: hates being proper, doesn't like being second to guys, can be hyper around people she knows well, anger issues, very smart/clever/intelligent, eccentric
Other: likes reading, knitting,playing piano, running around outside, has kitten named Ayla
Family: Lives in U.S.A but is shipped to England countryside to be taughrt how to be proper-used to live with mother and father in New York

Starfree's character:
Name: Arabella Quincy
Age: 16
Looks: Arabella has long, black hair she usually keeps pinned up, her skin is very fair, like porcelain, and steely grey eyes.
Personality: She's a very proper person, disapproving and a bit cold, but she isn't heartless, and can be persuaded to misbehave in the most dire of circumstances.
Other: Deep down, Arabella wishes she could become a photographer.
Family: Arabella is of noble bearing, and thus acts as such.

*this is now lilypotter101's character!*: Name: Gertrude "Gertie" Ellison
Age: 14
Looks: just past the shoulders blonde hair, extremely bright blue eyes, hourglass body, 5'9, really pale
Personality: eccentric, outgoing, really smart (but she doesn't think so), rarely expresses her feelings, imaginative, doesn't like to be told what to do, is only proper around adults
Other: loves to sing, play guitar, and read; she has a pet cat named Lily,already lives in England
Family: lives with her mom, dad, grandma, and controlling older sister

aleamellark's character: Name: Lucas William Black
Age: 17
Looks: mop of messy, asymmetrical, black hair that sticks up in the end, bright green-blue eyes that change colour depending on the lighting, straight nose, olive skin with slight freckles. Lucas is tall, muscular in all the 'right' places, his hands are long and his face is thin. His black eyebrows are just a bit too bushy, and his lips are very thin.
Personality: Lucas is stubborn, arrogant and just a tad loud. His ego is large, and while he may not seem it, Lucas has a high intelligence, he is manipulative and ambitious, and he is very patient, he can wait for long amounts of time for plans to go well, but for some things like waiting for a carriage or train he isn't as patient. He is an excellent actor, he is completely in control of his emotions, and does the arrogant and dumb act so people won't know his true intentions. Lucas is also a bit laid back, he can plan very well and is a good tactician, but is just too lazy to get to it. He also loves a good laugh and tries to make people whom he is utterly comfortable with laugh. It takes him a while to get used to people, but either way he is loud. Words effect him badly, especially when it comes to his abilities.
Other: He plays the piano excellently and likes birds. He likes to read books on history too.
Family: He has his younger brother, Thomas, whom he cares for deeply and will do anything for him.He is actually very sensitive, but hides it well. His mother is Prussian (What could be known as East Germany today), and his father is a rich politician who doesn't much care for his sons. Lucas looks up to his grandfather on his mothers side, whose name is Wilhelm, and who lives in Berlin. Lucas and his brother are very close, and people often say that Thomas got the good genes, when they both share the same intelligence. However, Thomas is more orderly and less rebellious that his brother, but still looks up to him. Thomas is a fair lot taller and muscular that his brother, he takes after his grandfather and is what Lucas calls a giant.
Just another thing for the other: Lucas speaks fluent German and French, but his Spanish and Italian isn't too bad. He was born in Berlin, Prussia (Germany today), but moved to England shortly after his brothers birth (Thomas is 15).

The writing order will be in the order the characters are posted in. Also, try not to take more than a week, but if you message me, I'll understand and put the story on pause until you can write.

Thanks guys,

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