Lesbian love

Chapter 1

The mystery

There is a girl called Sarah,18 and lives on her own and someone knocked on her door...
She opened and there was a $e*y girl with big b00bs. Sarah let her in and they chat for a while, the mystery girls name is Stacey.. Stacey asked where Sarah's room was and Sarah led her there they Sat next to eachother and 2 minutes later Stacey put her hand up Sarah's top and there was a CLICK!
Sarah had no br-a on and 20 minutes later Sarah woke up naked and Stacey wasnt there

1 week later
Sarah's sister Emily,18, came to visit Sarah and on that same day, Stacey knocked on the door and after Sarah opened the door Stacey took her clothes of and pulled Sarah to the wall... Emily was thinking if how hot Stacey was and Stacey saw Emily. Then Emily took off her clothes and so did Sarah they had a little dirty truth and dare and one which Emily and Stacey made was lick the Pu$$* of the person on your left...
On the left of Sarah was Emily.. Sister and sister... Sarah licked the pu$$* without hesitation! Stacey, you know wanted that so she got Emily sucking her pu$$* and Sarah sucking her b00b. They did this every weekend and evry week it got
Dirty er
Imagine this in your head and imagine it was ... YOU


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