I might not be on much for the next week (about). (Read if you talk to me, I guess?)


Chapter 1


by: Gavroche
So, tomorrow (Wednesday) I'm going to Florida. ^_^ I'll be there until next Friday. (The 22...THE DAY CATCHING FIRE COMES OUT! YAYA!)

But I have no idea how much I'll be able to get on Quibblo, if I will at all. I'm staying at my aunt's house (IT'S HUGE O.O) and her computer is broken 99% of the time. -.- I don't even know if she has wifi.
I'm bringing my laptop, though. Or at least my iPod Touch. That way, I can at least go to a Starbucks or something. =P
Still, I wouldn't be spending the entire trip in a Starbucks, so...yeah.

But if my aunt has wifi, well, that's another--better--story. XP
I WILL BE ON A LOT IF SHE HAS WIFI. In the morning and evening especially. :]
Well, not this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday...regardless of the wifi situation, I won't be on those days. Like, at all. Maybe once or twice. See, my cousin is getting married.
Thursday is the rehearsal dinner.
Friday is the wedding.
Then on Saturday I'm going to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. :D

But the other days, I swear I'm gonna try to get on...if my aunt does have internet, I'll make a story or something about it.
For those who are wondering, I will be on on the day I leave and the day I come back. I'm not going until the afternoon tomorrow, and when I come back, it'll be early-ish.

I'm gonna take pictures and upload them. ^.^
Bye y'all! Possibly for awhile. /: But really, I'm so excited!

~Lisa 💕


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