The 4 Elements ~ An Original Group Story

Chapter 2

Lilly Chase ~ Sweet 13

I suppose I dreamed of my 13th birthday, the day I'd finally become a teenager and my aunt might let me get my ears pierced. She never lets my do anything, so it doesn't matter much, but it was worth a shot. That is, before I woke up in Greenwich Orphanage.
I didn't object much, since I was playing it cool before I tried to run away, and tried to be nice to all the other annoying 12-year-olds. The boy, Tallis (who I like to call Tally, because it bugs him) is okay, he's pretty cute. But the others are a little annoying, but I've never really fit in with the other girls...
Anyways, I woke up earlier then I had ever woken up, just because it was my birthday. I tried to tell myself in my head that this was all just a long dream, that I'd be back in my ragged Peru bed with Aunt Rosa shouting at me to get off my lazy rump, but I knew that it wasn't. The odd pain of losing my home back in Peru was too real.
"Happy birthday,"
I flip over in bed to see the others still pretty much asleep, but Tally has greeted me kindly, but softly. I smile back, and see the others, Hestia and Thalia, are now awake and wishing me a happy birthday. Hestia's eyes continue to scare me a bit, with the scarlet irises that are more oddly colored then Thalie's, which are simply green and Tally's, which are grey.
Mine are dark blue, the color of a deep ocean. Before, they where black-brown, the normal Peruvian eye color.
Mi amigo, Maria, has told me I'm prettier then the average Peruvian, but I, like many other girls, bashfully deny it. I miss her, the only girl in my "family" that really actually likes me. Aunt Rosa has decided I'm not a true Peruvian, because of my Caucasian mom and my Peruvian dad naming my Lilly, a shunned Caucasian name. They're gone now, though. Nothing for Rose to worry herself about anymore.
The woman, Mileasa Shinrami, burst into the room and set a wooden lap-table which held my cake onto the table in our room, which was white and circular with the words "Happy B-Day, Lilly!" Writing in lacy blue letters on the top. The four began to sing for me, and wished me a happy birthday.
Two more days until I'll escape.

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