The 4 Elements ~ An Original Group Story

Chapter 3

Tallis Wing ~ Birthday

by: NyghtDawn
"Happy birthday again, Lilly!" I say as we're going to bed.

She laughed slightly. "Thanks Tally!"

"Ugh! Would you stop with that?" I shot her a glare.

"Heh. No." She smiled.

I rolled my eyes and tried my best to drift off into a deep sleep. 'They had better let me sleep in, tomorrow morning.... They should, cause it's gonna be my birthday anyways.' But then my mind went blank and I started to dream.

I'm sitting on top of a hill, the wind is blowing and it feels nice. "Can't wait to be thirteen... Then I can finally go outside." I smiled to myself, listening to the delightful sound of birds, rivers, and trees rustling in the wind.

"TALLIS!!!" Some girl screams.

Suddenly I feel something heavy land on me. I reluctantly wake and look at what it was.

"Hestia!!!" I yell.

"You should be awake by now!"

'So much for sleeping in.' I thought. "Why?" I ask angrily.

She looked at me with her beautiful red eyes. "Cause it's your birthday, dumb dumb." She laughed. "Now get up!" She grabbed the pillow beneath my head and began hitting me.

"Then GET OFF!!!" I pushed her off of the bed onto the ground, she finally let go of the pillow and let it fall the floor. I snatched it up as fast as I could.

She looked up at me. This time her eyes were fierce and I feel as if they peered deep inside my mind. I shook off the feeling quickly.

"Well that wasn't very nice." She said.

"Then never wake me up like that again!" I got up and walked across the room and to get new clothes for the day.

"Ooh! Tally!" I look over. "Tally, Tally, Tally, Tally, Tally!!!"

Suddenly I feel arms wrap around me. "Happy birthday!"

"So Lilly has gotten in on the 'Tally' thing too, huh Thalia?" I decide not to lecture her about it but just put my arms around her and return the hug.

"Yes! Ha ha!" She let's go.

We look at each other for moment and my eyes immediately drift to hers. Two very bright green eyes. I guess you can say I've always been jealous of everyone else's eyes. Lilly has blue, Thalia green, and Hestia deep red. Mine is just a boring grey. Everyone always says, 'Oh I love your eyes!' but I know they don't. These dull eyes will never do me any good.

"Tallis!" Lilly walked in the room. She smiled real big, so much she could barely see. "Happy birthday!"

"Uh... Yeah... Thanks." Honestly I'm getting annoyed with hearing that, over and over again. I grab my clothes and I'm about to leave the room when Mileasa Shinrami walks through the door and stands right in front of me.

"Happy birthday!" She said.

'Shut up.' I think. I then notice she has a small cake in her hands. Just a small circular blue cake with my name written in white frosting. I'm so happy I'm close to crying. I look up at everyone. "Thank you." I say.

I don't know why, but I feel like I'm ending an adventure, and a new one is about to unfold.

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