The 4 Elements ~ An Original Group Story

Chapter 30

Hestia Parkisan ~ The Final (1952)

5 Years Later....

"Lilly, shouldn't we be at college right now?" I asked.
"Ha! I wish." Lilly laughed.
"I know right? Who knows who will be laughing at us in 2014!" Thalie tagged along.
"Happy new year!" I smiled.
"Imagine if Someone has Lilly's name But With ONE L! That'll be the day." Thalie laughed.
"Or Zizi? Thats a cool exotic name!" I smiled.
"Or Anna....Yeah and She Would Be Finnish. That Would Be AWESOME!" Lilly put her hands on her hips.

"What about Tallis?" I asked.

Isabel shuttered in the corner of the Library when I said that.

"I Think She Would some weird name Like Kaela. Or What About Nyghtdawn?" I smiled.
"Yeah. And She Would Think a Marvel Superhero is Hot." Lilly laughed.
"She would like Hawkeye! Even though we just got Marvel in the library yesterday." Thalie laughed.

"Am I In The Right Library?" A woman in a maid outfit walked into the library.

"No one works here. So I don't know..." I said.
"Really. It said this address on the paper. By The Way, I'm Mileasa Shinrami." She smiled.

All our eyes looked sharp at each other.

"It Can't be." Lilly muttered.
"It has to." I replied.
"I don't know..." Thalie added.

"What are your names?" 'Mileasa' Asked.

"Thats Kinda Funny!"
"Thats a Little Weird..."
"Am I Dreaming?"

"Your not." Isabel got up from her corner.

"I've heard your story. You used to work at Greenwich Orphanage?" Isabel asked.
"Yes." Mileasa replied.
"Well They lived there for 4 days." Isabel said.
"I know..." Mileasa's cheeks turned red.
"Explain. Everything." Isabel made sharp eyes.
"But theres nothing to-"
"How they got there. How they Disappeared. Where they were. There is SO much! Why won't you speak up, hm?" Isabel snapped.

"Oh I Can't Tell. The West Would Get Mad." Mileasa stuttered.
"The WEST? Who is she?" Isabel started to fire up.
"You can't do anything to make me..." Mileasa went back.
"Really?" I stood up and made a fire glow in my hand.
"Lets see then." Lilly made water wave around her body.
"How do you think you can defeat THIS?" Thalie screamed as well all started to mix our powers together.

Fire. Water. Earth. And....Electricity.

"Magic? Thats Impossible." Mileasa stood away.

"TELL US OR YOU DIE!" I screamed as I Blew up a bookshelves.

"Fine! I surrender!" Mileasa went on her knees and put her hands up.

"The West Is a Spirit Who Captures Children Within a Week before there 13th birthday."

Thalie looked away.

I heard her in her sleep when we were 15 she said...."I can't tell them. One year behind....No.....No...."

"How did they capture her?" I screamed.

"Oh.....her. Shes special. There are Very rare occasions when The West gets mixed up."

"She captures children with big dreams. And she knows they achieve. And every single one of these children represents something. An Element. Oh....But She Was Looking At You. Hestia Parkisan. Ever Noticed Your Names Origin?"

"It Means Fire." I gulped.

"And Thalia."

"It means Flourishing."

"Well." She tilted her head at Lilly.


"Fire, Its What Hestia Is! Flourishing, Nice To Know We Have This Earth Itself! And Purity. Every single drop of water has some Purity."

"I have Electricity. I Know Isabel Means Thunder." Isabel screamed.

"Its almost as if our parents knew..." I said.

"You Can't Forget Tallis. That Means Tree. As The Leaves Flow In The Air."

"Yuchi Means Dark. Lolia Means Bright and Joy. Hunter Means Strong." Me, Lilly, Thalie, and Isabel said as if we could feel them in us.

"Of Course. They Wanted You To Learn The Meaning of Yourselves. And You Guys Will Always Remember This." Mileasa brought a glow of light.

I Began to cry. For The First Time.
I saw Lilly Make a Bridge of Water...I Attached My Fire To The Bridge, And Rock began To Build. Isabel made a Bolt Between Me and Thalia.

"I Won't Ever Forgot This." We All Thought. I Could Hear The Thoughts Inside My Head.

”Hestie! ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY! Its Time For School!" I Was 13 Again. It Was October 27th 1947 Again.

"Lolia..." I Hugged Her. She smiled...I Know she remembered dying in that other world.

"Lets Go See Dad In The Presidential Room!"

I Grabbed Her Hand As We Walked Down The Hall Together and She Skipped.

The 4 Elements, Those Were The Days.

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