The Human Guardian (Rise of the Guardians Story)

Name: Katherine Lane
Age: 16
Eyes: emerald green
Hair: Curly, A little past shoulder length, Dark black
Height: 5'6
Other: Has freckles
Personality: Humorous, funny, kind, really insecure, nerd

This is what Katherine looks like except for her eyes:

This is what her eyes look like:

Chapter 1

Freezing Teachers and a Mysterious Boy

I gazed out the window into white. Snow. It covered everything. Along with frost.
"What other mythical figure is there?" My teachers monotonous voice snapped me back to class.
I raised my hand.
"The zombie lives!" Mr. Roberts exclaims.
"Jack Frost, sir." I said completely ignoring his rude comment.
"Excuse me?" He asked confused.
"The answer to your question is Jack Frost." I explain like I would to a child.
"Your cheek is not required!" He snapped.
"And neither is yours!" I said calmly.
"Hold your tongue!" He snarled.
"Why don't you?" I retort.
"Outside now!" Mr. Roberts growled pointing to the door that lead outside.
I left the classroom and leaned against the brick wall. The snow swirled around me.I let out a sigh and it froze. I pushed of the wall and started walking. The frost covered snow crunched under my feet. I laid down made a snow angel. I got up and looked at it. The snow angel was covered in frost.
"Frost?" I whispered perplexed.
I looked around and met the gaze of a boy. He was standing on the other end of the snow angel. He had white hair, bright blue eyes, a blue frost covered sweatshirt, brown capri's, and a frost covered staff.
"Can you see me?" He asked.
"Of course I can see you! Your not invisible!" I told him.
He grinned and hugged me.
"What the-"
"I'm so glad you can see me! It's been forever since I've had a conversation with a mortal!" He exclaimed.
"Mortal? You say that as if your not." I said.
"KATHERINE LANE WHAT IS SAN HILL ARE YOU DOING OVER THERE?" Mr. Roberts screamed from the doorway.
"I'm talking to this boy!" I called gesturing to the boy.
I looked back over at the mysterious boy confused. He looked sadly back at me.
"Whats your name?" He asked as Mr. Roberts stormed over to me.
"Katherine" I told him as Mr. Roberts reached me.
"GET IN THAT CLASSROOM NOW!" He screamed in my face.
"I'm Jack" The mysterious boy told me.
"Katherine Lane move away from him now!" Mr. Roberts roared as he grabbed my arm.
Without hesitation Jack used his staff to knock Mr. Roberts away. The teacher fell but when he rose he wasn't Hr. Roberts anymore. He was black and misty, Like a shadow. Jack pulled me behind him as the shadow teacher charged us.

"This is not good!" Jack exclaimed as a misty black rope was shot at us from the shadow's body. Jack nocked it away but the shadow launched at least a dozen more. Jack nocked a few aside but the rope wrapped around him. He was engulfed by the shadow mist. I franticly looked around for something, anything I could use as a weapon. My eyes landed on Jack's staff that lay by the shadow things feet.
I lunged for it just as the shadow shot some ropes at me. I dodged them and ran at the shadow. I grabbed the staff and knocked more smoky rope away from me. I lifted the staff above my head and brought it down on the shadow creature's chest just as it raked its claws across my right bicep. The thing froze, literally froze. It was covered in ice. I hurried over to the place Jack was trapped and hit the ice covered shadow. The shadow exploded into millions of icy shards. Jack fell to his knees and gulped in lungfuls of air. I knelt next to him and put my arm around him. He looked at me with shock in his eyes.

"This is REALLY not good!" He muttered.

"Whats going on?" I asked.

"I was sent here to find something to help The Guardians win against Pitch. A weapon. Looks like I found her" He whispered, nervousness and concern flashing briefly over his features. I helped Jack stand.

"C'mon lets go see North." He said pulling me close to his body.

My breath caught in my throat as he wrapped an arm around my waist.

"Hold on tight" He mumbled into my hair.

Then he jumped into the air, the wind catching us.


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