Grim Games

Every 100 years a new Grim must be chosen. Seven candidates are selected by a high order called, The Differs. There are a few qualities these selected must have; 1-be of a certain race, 2-be an Elite (before they take the Grim position), and 3- be between the ages of 15 and 18. Only three requirements for the most wanted job in the world, and the 100th year has come.

Chapter 1


To be a Differ was possibly the second highest honor one could be given, right behind being given the title of the Grim.

A Differs main job is to give advice to, care for, protect, and entertain the Grim. However, when the time draws near, it is the Differs job to search for the new Grim. They will pick seven creatures who stand above all the rest of their competition. After being chosen, they will gather to The Castle, where they will compete in several tasks. In each task they will be rewarded a number of points from 0-100. At the end of the competition the two with the most points will compete in a face off.

The winner becomes the Grim.

This happens every 100 years. The hundredth year has come.


The Differs sat round a long oak table, in the large dry room they used only for this occasion. Aside the table a fire roared in a hearth. Laying on top of the table were 21 white envelopes.

One of the Differs, a man named Garrick, picked up the envelope nearest to him.

"I told you, Johnathon, Amber does not have what it takes be the Grim." He said gruffly to the man across from him.

He took the card and tossed it into the fire, which turned a startling blue then turned normal again.

"Nor does Flich." Johnathon growled, making a flicking motion.

As of its own accord a card near the center of the deck lifted up and flew into the fire, turning it green.

A chorus of other voices rang out as the Differs quickly diminished the pile.

"Gertrude is no contender." a woman`s voice sighed, as she tossed the card into the flames, which turned Pink.

"Erik is nothing." Brown flames.

"Jacky no more." Fuchsia.

"Elliot?! The Neko?! How'd he even get in here!?" Cherry red.

"Herald is a no." purple.

"Youlanda is the same." yellow.

"Neither Lane nor Kane would do." Mahogany, silver.

I will not except Tom as a possibility." ice blue.

"Nor will I allow Linda." gray.

"No Kasha." white.

"Or Ranae." slime green.

"Dave cannot be" red.

With that last card in there were seven left on the table. The seven.

The Differ rose their hands over the table, palms down and chanted, "Ye, the chosen seven have been brought great honor. One among you will be the Grim and be forever great, and eternally powerful. But a price you must pay, and fight you must."

The cards lifted off the table and floated on air as the Differs continued, "Show yourself to the High Ones and let the fight begin."

Six of cards formed a circle around the seventh. It began to glow, before rippling like water. Indeed the surface was very much like water, for out of it reached a hand. The hand rose until it turned into an arm, then a shoulder, then a full body.

It was a girl of 15. Her body was translucent if you looked directly at her, but if looked at side ways she appeared solid. Her hair was very long. Even held in a pony it reached her lower back. It was a pale shade of blonde, it could almost be called white. Her skin was also fair. Of coarse this made her eyes stand out even more. They were such a dark shade of blue they looked black. She was had the obvious look of some one who mercilessly trained their body. On her back were a pair of flowing wings that were the color of night.

A second object rose from the card. A crescent moon; the symbol of the dark fairies.

Then rose a third object, a blue glowing orb, signifying her as an elite.

"Jessica Elne." Announces a higher Differ.

The card began glowing a blinding bright light. The girl, the moon, and the orb were sucked back into the card. It rose higher than the others and glowed even brighter. In a sudden moment the glow instantly disappeared and floated gently to the table. Printed on top was something that wasn't there before. In a flowing script, "Jessica Elne," was written.

For the remaining six cards the same thing happens, with each card spurting out their individual master.

A white spiral and a green orb accompanies a controller level warlock with dark blue eyes and black hair. His card lands on the table with, "Rainer Kane."

A green orb also follows a flame, with a orange haired fire wielder. His card drops to the table and reads, "Pyro Ashbel.

Another moon comes out with a white orb that turns red, signifying that the girl with a pixie cut was a skilled level dark fairy. Her card lands on the table and reads, "Bethany Brook."

A Elite level, deep demon, with crimson hair girl is followed by a blood red tear drop and a blue orb. As the card settles on the table, It reads, "Kelsi Mason."

A golden eyed girl is followed by an oak leaf and a red orb, making her a skilled level Night elf. When her card lands on the table it reads, "Gwen Adams."

The last card shows a small violet eyed girl who is followed by a white swirl and a white orb, marking her as a normal level witch. Her card floats to the table with the others and reads, "Breanne Fauth."

"These are our chosen ones! Prepare The Castle, remember they are to have all that we can give them. We want them to be comfortable in our care." A woman at the head of the table says, "I will send the carriages to pick Them up. And as for you!"

She glares at the cards, "Go and tell your masters of their good news already!"

The cards quiver and then disappear.

"Well," She claps her hands together, "The time has come again!"

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