Sing Your Death Song (A Percy Jackson Group Story!)

I'm writing this with PhoenixSong114 :)

Chapter 2

Jac Reed

For the record, hijacking the golf cart hadn't been my fault.

Okay, that's not entirely true. I mean, I did "borrow" the keys to it when the driver wasn't looking, and I did drive it away as they ran after me, but it was for a good reason! How else would I have escaped the hellhound after me?

I'd been on my way to Camp Half-Blood after spending a month at home in Massachusetts, and I'd been walking around near the train station, waiting for it to arrive, when that stupid creature ambushed me. Luckily, a man had been talking to his friend near his white golf cart, so I did the logical thing: I stole his keys and drove as fast as I could to escape the hellhound.

He wasn't too happy, obviously, but at least I managed to lose the creature after half an hour. I had taken the train to New York afterward and now I stood at my bunk, staring solemnly at the wall of pictures I'd put up a little while ago, before I left for home.

The pictures were of Camp Half-Blood, mostly, with the exception of my annoying half-brothers (Travis and Connor had insisted on a photo, being the self-obsessed boys they were) and my friend Eleanor. There were no pictures of yours truly; I hated having my picture taken and it didn't help that I certainly wasn't the most attractive girl at Camp, much less the entire planet.

I sighed and set down my small bag on the bunk, alone in the cabin for the first time ever, and immediately realized I was bored. Being ADHD, I tend to get bored a lot.

My mind drifted to home in Boston, and I wrinkled my nose at the memory of my stay there. It wasn't that I hated Boston or anything; the problem was my mother.

She didn't know anything about the gods or what Camp Half-Blood really was, like most mortals, and that strained our relationship more than it already was. She'd always wanted to know me better, probably because my dad had left her when I was a day old, and I knew she was always pitying me, which annoyed me beyond anything else in the world. That was the reason I'd run away from home when I was fourteen, after all, and I hadn't seen her again until my recent visit.

Of course, she'd acted like nothing had changed, like I didn't have scars on my legs from various monsters, like I had never kept her in the dark for two full years. That was what made me leave after just one month. I couldn't stand her acting so casual about it, even though I knew she hurt inside. She hides her pain, just like me, truthfully, and that makes me angry every time I think about it.

I forced myself to not think about my mother and Massachusetts, and went for a walk instead. I didn't acknowledge the other campers as they passed by me, and they didn't say hello to me either, which was normal. I was shy, to be honest, and I hated starting conversations, even with people I already knew.

Probably the reason why you don't have many friends. whispered a voice in the back of my head.

"Shut up, me," I muttered, but the bitter feeling in my heart remained at the thought.

I sighed to myself and looked up, wondering if I should go try and find my half-siblings, when a familiar voice said to my right, "Hey, Jac."

I turned around and a small smile crept onto my face at the sight of Eleanor Young, one of my friends. She'd been away at her dad's when I had gone back to Massachusetts, and I'd missed her.

"Hey there yourself," I said, walking over to her. "How have you been?"

"Good, and you? How's the camp been?"

I tried not to cringe at the question; she didn't know about my reluctant choice to visit my mom. Maybe it was better that she didn't, because I didn't want to talk about it with anybody.

"Camp has been good. Just fixing up everything, you know, after..." She nodded, frowning at my words. We both knew what I was talking about: the Giant War last year. It was a sensitive subject at Camp Half-Blood now, especially because of how many had died.

Eleanor cleared her throat to break the brief silence between us. "So, how have the Stolls been? I've heard they're planning on bringing some fun to camp this year."

When were my brothers not trying to prank people? At least, that was what I assumed she meant. "Uh, the same as ever, you know. What kinds of pranks are they planning, eh?"

Eleanor frowned again. "They didn't mention any pranks..."

I cursed mentally. Gods, what were they planning then?

"Um, I'm sure they are. I mean, they're the Stolls, after all." I nervously looked at my watch and pretended to be surprised. "Oh, look at the time! It was nice seeing you again, El, but I've gotta go!"

I hurried off before she could reply, trying not to run and make my discomfort blatant to my friend. I had no idea where I was going, only that I didn't want to stay and chat anymore.

I ran into somebody and fell to the ground hard. I swore a bit louder than necessary and glanced over to apologize to the person, but stopped when I recognized them.

"Hey, Robin Hood," greeted Leo, standing and brushing off himself before offering me a hand. "I see you're back! What's the rush, though? Got someplace to be?"

I scowled and stood on my own. He knew I hated his nickname for me, and yet he still called me Robin Hood. Ever since he'd heard about how I'd pickpocketed people before arriving at Camp Half-Blood, he'd taken it upon himself to give me the nickname and use it at every chance he got.

"Shut up, Valdez, and don't call me that," I said. "My business is my own."

Leo held up his hands in surrender, smiling despite the scowl on my face. "Okay, suit yourself. How was your little visit?"

My scowl deepened and he seemed to sense my mood growing darker because his smile faded a little. "I don't want to talk about it."

Before he could respond, two voices cried, startling me, "Hey, Jac!"

"GODS ALMIGHTY!" I snapped, whipping around to punch the Stolls, but they dodged my swipe easily. "Don't do that!"

Travis snickered. "Why would we not?"

I controlled my temper and said, "I heard you two are planning something later, eh? Getting into trouble early, are we?"

Leo, Connor, and Travis exchanged smiles that made me uneasy. "Oh, that? That'll come later on today," said Connor.

I decided that I really didn't like the way they were smiling at me.

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