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Chapter 1

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by: Pierced_
Three girls, who do not know each other, live a normal life and attend a normal school. However, at the end of the summer, they each receive a letter inviting them to an elite academy they have never heard of. Ciaran Academy. When they arrive at the academy, they find out they are not the only ones. About fifteen other students are new to this school. But all the other students who have attended the school before look at them weirdly. Little do they know, all of the students who attend there are vampires. And these three girls have to escape, before they are killed or worse...turned into vampires themselves.

I need 2 other authors (besides me). I would like all three characters girls, but if a male character really wants to be in the story, I might let the character in. You must write in two weeks. If you do not write, I will replace you. Here is the character form:

Age: (15 or 16)
Appearance: (Be specific please)
Where They Come From: (Anywhere in the world)
Love Interest: (Optional)

My character:

Name: Natalia Michaelis
Nickname(s): Nat
Age: 15
Birthday: December 23rd, 1997
Appearance: Hip-length, thick, wavy, white-blonde hair, pine green eyes, slender, 5' 5", slightly underweight, pale skin
Personality: Intelligent, bookworm, kind, curious, creative, friendly, sensitive, scared easily, musical, stubborn, calm
Where They Come From: A small, rural town in New York.
Family: Mom and two brothers: Cole (17) and Justin (11)
Weapon: Crossbow and Throwing Knives
Love Interest: I'll figure this out once I choose the characters.
Other: She has a white cat with blue eyes named Winter, and wears a ruby necklace that is her mother's.

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