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Chapter 1

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Magic Users are everywhere, in hiding, they are being hunted down because they are different, well, you'd think this would be based off the future, but it's not, it's based of 2013, not 2020 or something like that, we are going to see what 2013 would be like if Magic Users were being hunted down by police and scientists to be tested on, most run away, but end up giving in, a group of Magic Users won't give in. Magic Users are called "The Damned" because everyone thinks they are evil and ruthless, but they are not, they are like everyone, except the have powers.
The way a Magic User is distinguished is their eye Color, when the Magic User turns fifteen their eye Color is changed to a Color that most eyes are not.

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Age (15-16)
Eye Color (goes along with power)
Family (the parents and siblings should not be Magic Users, The Magic Users Race was not introduced in the Parent's generation, but a sibling that was taken away can be a Magic User, but that sibling should be older, but it's your call of the siblings age)

My Character
Name:Kaylin "Violet" Tesseree
Eye Color: Purple
Personality: Stubborn, can seem rude, creative, artsy, tomboyish, fun loving, determined, at first is a bit shy around New people but when she gets to know you she's not shy!
Family: Steven Tesseree and Mary Tesseree (parents) and Susan Tesseree (sister)
Other: She can read people's mind, turn invisible during the day, at night she can easily hide in the shadows

Rules: please do not post mean comments about anyone's chapters!
You have a week after invite is sent to write, we don't want to keep people waiting!

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