Supernatural: Family Matters

A Supernatural story that's a bit different

Chapter 1

Lizzies Discovery

Lizzie was always an odd child. But being twenty-one years old, she was hardly a child. She had moved from her parents' house three years prior, but she did miss it. She loved the new location though. Forks... A small town in the north of Washington, it was close to a stunning beach with black sand and lots of trees. In Forks itself, there was often rain, clouds, and cold, glorious cold.
Lizzie looked herself over in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw. Dark brown hair, pale skin, bushy eyebrows, thick eyelashes, eye so dark brown at first glance they appeared black. She took the corners of her eyebrows and pulled them up in a Vulcan-like fashion. She then proceeded to make a silly face and, seeing how ridiculous she looked, laughed at her reflection. “Hey Athena!” “Merrow.” Lizzie picked up her six week old torte shell kitten and rubbed noses with her. "Whew! Your breath stinks." "Meow?" "Yea. I couldn't agree more." Lizzie put the happily purring kitty on her bed. "See you when I get home from work."
At work... Lizzie checked inventory again and again and again. Her job was so monotonous she could do it in her sleep and she often had. But one of the good things about all that free time, was she could read stories or write fan-fictions. Many people said she was very good at writing and should think of doing it as a profession. She would always sigh dreamily and sternly/respectfully said she was more practical than that. Her free time also provided moments to listen to songs she loved. Green Day, ACDC (she even had a necklace for them), Black Sabbath, Kansas, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, Lady Gaga, The Civil Wars, Arcade Fire, Demi Lovato, Phillip Phillips and so on. Also during her free time, she frequently got on her lap top and searched for cheap Dalmatian pups. So far, no luck.
One day, on her birthday as a matter of fact, she received a letter telling her to go to the nearest town with a pet store. (Lizzie had no idea who it was from, but, it said pet store, so she started biking. She biked because she was saving up for a very special car…a black ’67 Chevy Impala. It was the first car she had ever fallen in love with.) When she arrived at the nearest pet shop, she began to look around. She saw the puppies and over the pens they were in, hung a sign saying, “pick any one of these puppies, Lizzie. Happy Birthday.” She smiled to herself and walked over. When the puppies spotted her, they all started barking and chasing their tails. She laughed and placed her hand in the pen. They all came running to smell her hand. They smelled and licked her fingers. She prayed the one for her would gently bite her pinky. No sooner had she prayed it than she felt a little nip. She looked down and saw the sweetest looking Dalmatian looking back at her. Lizzie gently picked up the quiet and shy pup and cradled her in her arms. “Hi, little one.” “Yip!” Lizzie laughed and slowly placed her nose next to the puppy’s. She gently bit and then licked Lizzie’s face. “Yep, you’re the one.”
“Sami! Where are you?” Lizzie had had Sami, the Dalmatian, for a year now. She was incredibly quiet and active, an odd combination but possible. “There you are! Good girl! I have to go to work. Love you! See you when I get back!”
At work… suddenly the building began to shake. Lizzie looked around and saw people falling to their knees, covering their ears and screaming in pain. “Elizabeth…” a whisper of a voice called to her. “Elizabeth…” “Yes? Is that you Lord?” Lizzie asked innocently. “No…Elizabeth…” The windows and anything else glass shattered. “Elizabeth…” The voice was getting louder and louder until suddenly, he shouted, “Elizabeth!” It was over. She immediately ran around checking to be sure everyone was alright.
Lizzie was celebrated as a hero and she couldn’t wait until it blew over. Naturally, she didn’t tell anyone about the voice she had heard. They might think she was crazy. Lizzie thought she was crazy. As soon as she got home, she curled up on her bed with her cat and dog. She was shaking and just staring blankly at the wall. Sami put her head on Lizzie’s lap. Lizzie snapped back to reality. She pet Sami and Athena in her soothing way. “Good girls. Thank you for being here for me.” Lizzie smiled. Someone knocked on her door. She looked through the peephole. No one was there, so she opened the door and looked out. She looked down and saw a package. She picked it up, brought it in, grabbed a knife and opened it. Inside were two boxes and a letter. The letter said, “I am the one who spoke to you. These are gifts for your days to come. I will come soon. Your Guardian.” Lizzie looked shocked and read the letter once more. She opened the boxes. One had her family heirloom fish medallion in it, which was weird because it had been stolen from her in college. The other box had an opal bracelet. It was very pretty. Lizzie placed them in a safe place and laid back on the bed. She fell asleep immediately and had a very troubled sleep.
In her dream she saw the world in flames. As she looked around, she saw people and books burning. She heard people screaming, smelled the burning flesh and pages. Instantly, she felt all the fire of Hell burning her from within, felt her very soul being consumed. She screamed and woke up. Sami whined and barked. “Come h-here g-girl,” Lizzie stammered. Sami jumped on the bed and curled up next to her.
Lizzie stayed in bed for three days. One day she got up and went to the door. She opened the door to get her mail and saw two guys trying to open their room door. “Would you just let me try it?” “I got it Sammy.” “Dean.” “I said I got it!” Lizzie looked at the two in stunned silence. They looked at her. The shorter one suddenly exclaimed, “Yeesh! You look awful.” “How kind of you to point out the obvious,” Lizzie said, the words all but dripping with sarcasm. “I apologize for my brother. He speaks before he thinks,” the other one said. “I am Sam Winchester. This is my brother Dean,” he said gesturing to the short one. “Older brother, Dean,” Dean said. He took a step closer to Lizzie and turned on the charm. Lizzie ignored it and him and looked at Sam. “Lizzie, Lizzie Balance.” A friendship was born.
Several weeks later… anyone who saw the three of them would have thought they were all childhood friends. They went almost everywhere together, but Lizzie and Sam were closer than Lizzie and Dean were. Most likely because Lizzie and Sam shared something in common. They had both had nightmares at her age. His involved things that had actually happened, whereas hers seemed to be a warning of what could happen. On the bright side, since they had opened up to each other about the dreams, Lizzie dreams became less and less frequent until they almost never came anymore.
Lizzie became more and more enamored with Sam. Sadly, she was beginning to get the since the Winchesters were leaving soon, and she was terrified. They were some of her closest friends. She told them things she had never told anyone. But somehow, it felt ok, safe. She hadn’t felt that way since the dreams. So, of course, she was scared two of her best friends would leave her because of their job. A job which she still didn’t know what was. One day she got so fed up with it that she asked what their job was. They, like always, looked at each other. “Would you quit that!” Lizzie almost yelled. Dean looked at Sam and said, “Sorry Sammy, she needs to know.” Dean then shoved Sam in a closet and locked the door. Dean looked at Lizzie, sighed, and began. He told of many things that had happened to them over the years. But, every time he would start to talk about demons and the people who had demon blood in them, he would quickly glance towards the closet. Lizzie thought about asking, but, decided against it. She decided to ask Sam about it later.
Several hours later… “And right now we are on a job and we think we know where the monster's home is, but we don’t know what it is or how to kill it. So we are stuck here till we do.” “Mmm…” was the only reply. Dean walked over and unlocked the closet. Sam walked out looking angry and slightly disheveled. Suddenly, Lizzie got up, grabbed Sam’s hand, and bolted out the door. She ran back to her place, threw open the door, let go of Sam and walked to where she had hidden the boxes. She put on the medallion and bracelet. “Sam…” came the shaky voice. “Are you,” she faltered, “Are you one of the children?” “What children?” he asked nervously. “The children with the demon blood. Are you one of them?” she asked. “I…I…I…” he stammered. “Please, Sam, tell me the truth.” Lizzie’s eyes pleaded with him, made him feel like she would die if he didn’t tell her the truth. “Yes, yes I am.” His voice was shaking a little. Lizzie gave him a hug and didn’t say a word. Sam returned the hug. “You’re not upset?” Sam asked. Lizzie laughed. “Why would I be? Nothing but good things have happened to me since we became friends.” Lizzie smiled and put her hand on the side of Sam’s face. “I like you for who you are. I don’t care what you are. I just like you for you.” She gave him a peck on the cheek and then left for the black sand beach.
Lizzie walked along the tree line, letting the leaves flow over her hand while she sang praises to God. Suddenly, her right wrist began to burn. “Aah! What-“ her wrist was the one with the opal bracelet. As she stared at it, she realized it was the red-hot source of her pain. “Elizabeth…Elizabeth…” “Oh no! Not this again! What do you want?!” Lizzie cried at the voice. “Must I want something?” a slightly gravelly voice said behind her. Lizzie whirled around. “Who are you and where did you come from?” “I have come from heaven, for I am an Angel of the Lord.” Lizzie backed up. “Prove it,” she challenged. “I am Castiel. I am and always will be your guardian.” Lizzie’s eyes bugged out. “How—how did you know that?” “Know what?” he asked. “About my guardian? I’ve never told anyone. Not even…” Lizzie trailed off. “As I said, I am an angel of the Lord. I know many things about you. I know you had a terrifying dream that re-occurred nightly. I also know your bracelet can detect an Angel’s presence, where it is hot, or a demon’s where it is cold.” “Oh.” Lizzie was clearly very stunned. “There is something about you, Elizabeth Ballance. Something that God himself has seen to it that you are protected.” Castiel said matter-of-factly. “What is this ‘something’?” Do you know why your dream stopped?” “You’re changing the subject!” she interrupted. ”I assure you, I am not. It stopped because you told it to someone who is somewhat like you…someone you are close to.” Castiel looked at her knowingly. "Sam? Sam Winchester?" "Yes. You both share something in common. Something in your blood." "You mean-" her hand flew to her mouth. "Demon blood?" She swallowed hard. "Among other things, yes. Don't worry you have far less than Sam. You will not suffer as many side effects as he.""That's supposed to be a comfort!?" "Calm down. Hold your medallion." Lizzie was already holding it. "Anything else I might want to know?" Lizzie cried indignantly. "Not here," Castiel said looking around nervously. Lizzie looked and gestured toward her bike. "We can take my-" Castiel was gone. "Is this the way things will be talking to an angel?" she wondered aloud.
Back in her hotel room... "Lizzie! There you are!" Sam swept Lizzie into a hug. "I was starting to get worried. This is our friend Ca-" "Castiel. We met... earlier." Sam looked stunned. Dean tried to beat Lizzie. "He's an -" "Angel of the Lord. He mentioned that. Castiel, you said not there, so now we're here. Will you tell me whatever else you've been keeping a secret from me?" Lizzie folded her arms and tapped her foot impatiently. "You have de-" "Demon blood flowing through my veins. You said that already," Lizzie snapped. Sam and Dean stared at her. "What are you avoiding, Cas?" Lizzie asked, clearly annoyed. "The reason you have less demon blood is because you also have something else in your blood." "Ugh! Stop being so mysterious! It's annoying." Lizzie growled. "Angel blood," Cas said. "Sorry?" "You also have angel blood in your veins." Lizzie slumped against the wall. "As you know, I am your guardian angel. Six months had gone by and not a single demon had tried to snatch you from the cradle. I became exceedingly arrogant. So much so that one night I did not even show up to protect you. That night, they struck. I began to have an overwhelming sense of doom. Or at least, you did." "What does that mean?" Sam asked, annoyed. "If one of us feels something so does the other. Part of being a guardian angel. Like I was saying, overwhelming sense of doom. I appeared next to her crib and someone else was in the room. He had just arrived, but when he saw me, he cleared out. I saw the blood in your mouth, Elizabeth, and I knew I had messed up big time. I did the only thing I could think of. I slit my wrist and held it over your mouth. You were the first non-angel to have angel blood in you, so you were also the first hybrid. I apologize for my slip up, Elizabeth." Lizzie slowly began to speak. "It's fine. Everybody, apparently including angels, makes mistakes. Please, call me Lizzie." She smiled, but her lips were trembling.
Several months later... Life was very good for Lizzie. She was happily dating the guy of her dreams, Sam Winchester. Three of her best friends were always easily contacted or nearby. Dean stayed near Sam, Sarah moved near Lizzie, and Cas just had to be "prayed" to. Her pets were healthy and she still lived in Forks and loved it. The only bad thing was Sam and Dean would go hunting at night and Lizzie never knew if she would see them again. But, otherwise, life was good.
A few months later... the four of them, Sarah, Lizzie, Sam and Dean pitched together to buy a house in Forks and one in Alabama. Sarah often stayed with her parents, who also lived in Alabama, whereas Lizzie visited her parents, but lived in the house in Alabama. She was now working for the Alabama State Troopers as a forensic criminalist.
One day Sam and Dean came home, but the air felt... different. Almost... charged with something. Lizzie couldn't quite put a finger on it and that made her nervous. Suddenly, Sarah came running in. "Lizzie! You'll never guess what!" Sarah was flailing her arms around. Lizzie saw something wink on Sarah's left ring finger. Lizzie grabbed her friend's hand. Sure enough, there was an engagement ring. "Who? When?" was all Lizzie could blurt. "Dean, today!" came the happily rapid response.
A year and a month later... Sarah showed up at Lizzie's house. She was slumped over, very pregnant. "Less than one month left." The next day Lizzie drove up a mountain to a little lodge. After spending several hours walking around the forest, Lizzie saw smoke coming towards her. She ran toward the lodge screaming, "Everybody out! Wildfire!" Everyone was evacuated except Lizzie. She couldn't find a door. The smoke was beginning to fill the lodge. Lizzie felt the smoke filling her lungs. It burned like the fire of Hell. It felt like her soul was on fire. Suddenly, she thought she heard someone calling her name. Lizzie screamed at the top of what was left of her lungs. She saw a figure running towards her. Just before she blacked out, Lizzie saw Sam's face.
Several days later... everything was still a bit fuzzy as far as what had happened. Lizzie looked out the window into the hall. Her eyes met Sam's. He immediately rushed into the room. He opened his mouth to say something, but, nothing came out. Lizzie smiled and tried to say "thank you" but only a squeak came out. "The Doctor said you suffered some minor damage to your throat. He suggested you avoid talking for two to three days," Sam said. Lizzie nodded. "However, I do have an important question to ask you," Sam said, trying to be mysterious. Lizzie turned her head to the side, a questioning look on her face. Sam opened his mouth to speak. Lizzie dared to hope she knew the question that would leave his lips. The door flew open and a very pregnant Sarah-Grace Winchester entered. "Lizzie! Are you ok?" Lizzie nodded, a clearly annoyed look on her face.
For the next several days, people came to visit her. Because of this, Lizzie was never alone with Sam for more than a few seconds. But, he never left her side, even when her cousin Erin came. Erin was Lizzie's twin, but, nine years older, a few inches shorter, and different colored hair. As such, Erin was always looking out for Lizzie. So, she peppered Sam with questions for about an hour, nodded and left. The next day, Lizzie was discharged from the hospital. That day, Lizzie's parent's arrived. They asked questions as Erin had and then conferenced with each other. When they came back, Lizzie knew it was bad. They looked at Sam, and ordered him out. Lizzie grabbed Sam's arm. He looked at her parents and stood a little straighter. "I want to respect your wishes, but, I can’t respect this. I care about Lizzie more than anyone or anything else in the world." "Sam...." Up until the hoarse voice spoke, everyone had forgotten Lizzie was there. Looking at her now, they saw tears of joy in her eyes. Erin walked in and said, "I approved of him yesterday. I think he will be a good match for Lizzie. Plus it's obvious how much he cares for her, so I say let them be together." Lizzie's parents looked at each other, sighed, looked up to the heavens and nodded their consent. Lizzie shrieked with excitement. Sam took her hand and led her to her favorite spot. A spot where the full moon could silhouette them. Sam kneeled and asked Lizzie to marry him. Tears flowing like two rivers, she said yes.


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